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Abhir begins the episode by declaring, “This doesn’t have love, you confused us.” He requests that Akshu express how much she adores Abhi. Ruhi prompts her. Abhi tells me to go now and to stop taking interviews. Aarohi believes that my purse is the safest place to retain the report. Abhir and Ruhi summon Akshu and Abhi to the stage. Manish, you can’t take Akshu to the dance, the bride shouldn’t dance, it’s a bad omen, listen to me. Kairav thinks you’re a great Dadi. Aarohi claims to have seen a dream; she fell down while dancing and her foot became twisted; we should listen to Dadi. Let them dance, urges Mahima. We have your blessing, according to Abhi. Aarohi, you take tension about me, therefore this happened, don’t worry, I will dance carefully, adds Akshu. Dadi requests a pledge from him. Abhi makes a promise. Dadi warns Akshu to be cautious. Abhi and Akshu perform a dance to the tune Tum aaye to…. Everyone applauds. Manjiri adds there is only one rasam left, engagement, and we will get them engaged right away. Manish claims, “Suwarna and I were discussing this, and we both got rings.” Manjiri promises that I will receive the ring. She accidentally snatches Aarohi’s handbag. Aarohi notices this and is concerned. Manjiri claims I kept the ring in this; where did it go, and what is this? Aarohi takes off. Surekha requests that she wait. Manjiri examines the report. Dadi takes Manjiri’s purse and tells her, “You have Aarohi’s purse.” She takes the purse and goes to Manjiri for information. Manjiri displays the ring. The rings are taken by Abhir and Ruhi.

Abhir sneezes, and the rings fall to the ground. Abhir and Ruhi discover the rings. Abhir apologizes. Manjiri tells them to go and give them the rings. The ring is held by Akshu and Abhi. Dadi says that once you become engaged, this decision will become a relationship; one must maintain the relationship; this dread is an enemy of the relationship; you both can overcome this fear; Kanha ji has written this in fate; exchange the rings. The rings are exchanged by Abhi and Akshu. Yes, Rishta….plays… Everyone applauds. Ruhi and Abhir pray. They mend things. They make a few decisions and then leave. Manjiri goes through Abhi’s closet and takes the old clothes. Surekha instructs Akshu to bring nice clothing and stay dressed up. Suwarna claims she also canceled the parlor. She requests that Akshu apply the face mask. Shefali instructs Abhi to put on the face mask. He flatly refuses. She is adamant. No, he says, never. She says you must put this into practice. Suwarna requests that Aarohi explain Akshu. Suwarna and Surekha go away. Aarohi orders lemon water for Akshu. No, says Akshu. Aarohi claims that I will complain to Dadi. Aarohi takes her hand in his. Akshu inquires whether you are checking my pulse, what happened to you, and if there is any tension.

No, said Aarohi, I’m mimicking you. I’m nervous since Akshu says I’ll be Abhi’s wife tomorrow. Aarohi says, “I was checking your pulse because I know you’re concerned.” Tell me the truth, says Akshu. Aarohi says nothing, rest now, I know you’re worried about the marriage, you’ll adjust, don’t worry, I’ll pray that there aren’t any stumbling blocks in the marriage. Her purse topples. Sorry, Akshu, I’ll pick it up. No, Aarohi says, relax, I’ll choose it. She takes the purse and begins to pray. Manish and everyone converse. Manish thinks about his retirement. Dadi wishes Akshu happiness. On a video call, Abhi and Akshu giggle when they see the face mask on their faces. They fall silent as they consider what to say. He inquires about her reports. She claims it did not arrive. I’ll call the hospital, he says. She claims it’s late and she should go to bed. He says we’re going to take a significant step tomorrow, forget about the marriage and concentrate about getting 8 hours of sleep and the greatest breakfast possible, then think about attending a wedding of two dear friends, and this marriage will be excellent if it strengthens the friendship. Akshu beams.