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The episode begins with Armaan promising that he will never strive to become your husband. He extends his hand to Abhira. Rohit inquires as to the cause of the traffic bottleneck. The cousins tease him and demand money from him. Rohit inquires as to how much money you require. Aryan says it’s only 25000 rupees. Rohit hands up the cash. They say it’s 25,000 rupees per individual. We will keep the EMI, adds Rohit, because 1 lakh is too much. They are joking. Manoj suggests to take the money and leave right away. Manisha requests that Rohit take her blessings and leave. Rohit becomes shy and leaves. Everyone is happy. Manisha informs us that Rohit has married, and we should consider Armaan. Manoj says yes, and visitors wonder why the eldest son didn’t marry first. Rohit enters his room and knocks on the door. He walks in and notices Ruhi. He expresses his admiration for her. She returns. He apologizes and asks if there was anything I did wrong. She says no, I’m sorry, we didn’t know each other a week ago, and now we’re husband and wife, this marriage happened at my request, but I need some time. Rohit replies it’s an apparent thing, it’s an arranged marriage, I know love happens eventually, it takes time, why did you get awkward, we’ll become friends first, will you become my friend? She expresses gratitude and shakes his hand. Abhira weeps when she sees her residence. Armaan says it will be difficult for you, so take your time. She claims she’ll accompany me. He asks her to reflect. She says, “Mumma isn’t here; what am I going to do here?” She grabs her luggage. The bag is opened. She sees Akshu’s photo and remembers her. Maa….plays…

Armaan understands Rohit’s message. He remembers Akshu’s death. He sobs. He dials Vidya’s number. Vidya inquires as to your well-being. Yes, he says. She inquires if your work was completed. He claims that a lot has transpired and that I have lost. But if you did your hardest, it’s fine, come back soon, get a gift for Rohit, you missed his wedding. He says okay and hangs up the phone. Abhira inquires as to what you want to tell your family about me. Vidya claims Armaan was defeated and unable to complete his assignment. Dadi believes it might be difficult for us. Vidya assures us that he would not do anything to offend us. Dadi advises Armaan to find a responsible and nice girl. Yes, Vidya adds, you would adore his wife. Abhira inquires as to how your family will react. He says we’ll find out after we get home. Yuvraj is available. He disagrees with Sanjay. He claims that I will not spare Armaan. Sanjay responds, “Calm down, I’m sorry, it was my mistake, I should not have sent Armaan there,” adding, “It’s also your mistake, you couldn’t hide the truth from him.” Yuvraj hangs up the phone. He adds, “I’ll find you, Abhira; you’re all mine.” According to Sanjay, Yuvraj misbehaved with me because of Armaan. He phones Armaan and asks what he is doing because Armaan stopped Yuvraj’s marriage.

It’s early in the morning, and Manisha and Vidya accompany Ruhi to her first rasoi rasam. Ruhi claims that I can prepare kheer. Vidya is overjoyed. She instructs Ruhi not to add raisins or cashews. Ruhi suggests that I keep separate bowls and add sugar as needed. Vidya compliments her. Manisha claims I’m the same. Vidya and Manisha discuss their likes. Manisha wonders when Armaan will return. Vidya responds, “I’m not sure.” Ruhi wonders where Armaan has gone. Manisha claims to be Rohit’s older brother. Vidya claims Ruhi and Armaan are friends, and she can address him by name. She requests that Ruhi apologize to Dadi. Ruhi receives the kheer. Armaan, according to Dadi, is in Mussoorie. Ruhi trips and falls. Rohit asks, “Are you okay?” while holding the tray. She gives a nod. Armaan, according to Madhav, never makes mistakes. Dadi claims you did it as well.

Madhav assures me that he will not make a mistake. Ruhi is served kheer by Vidya. Dadi takes a bite and smiles. She thinks it’s fantastic. Everyone applauds. Ruhi receives shagun from Dadi. Ruhi accepts her benediction. She apologizes for her error from yesterday. Dadi accepts her apology. She discusses Manisha’s grahpravesh. Manisha cracks a joke. Dadi claims that we adore Rohit and see nothing wrong with him. Maasa’s favorite, according to Kajal, is Rohit. Rohit answers no, Armaan is her favorite since he is so lovable. Armaan and Abhira arrive at a hotel. She inquires as to why you brought me here. He claims that I am unable to tell them right now. She inquires as to why. He claims that my brother recently married. She claims you came here to see my mother.


Dadi claims that Rohit is planning a surprise for everyone. Rohit and Ruhi return home. Armaan transports Abhira home. He claims she is the house’s bahu. Everyone is taken aback.