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The episode begins with Abhi complaining that the milk isn’t fine, that it’s heavy, and that he doesn’t like it. He offers her some juice. She expresses gratitude to him. She sips it. He inquires whether you are feeling better. She gives a nod. Abhir and Ruhi appear on stage. Ruhi summons Manjiri, Surekha, and Shefali to the stage for the following performance. The ladies perform a Chalka…. Akshu receives an alert. Abhi inquires as to what transpired, if anything significant occurred. No, says Akshu, it’s spam mail. The man arrives to provide the reports. He visits Abhi. He sees Aarohi and gives her the reports. She plans to check back later. She suggests that I look at Akshu and Manish’s reports. She double-checks and confirms that Manish’s reports are normal. She goes over Akshu’s reports. She is taken aback. She suspects Akshu is pregnant. She examines everyone. Akshu gives her permission to come. She inquires if everything is in order. Aarohi hands her the reports. Akshu checks and is taken aback. Manjiri inquires as to what transpired. Abhi inspects it and becomes enraged. He claims you’re pregnant. Everyone is taken aback. Muskaan beams. Abhir arrives. Abhi smashes up the reports and declares, “This marriage can’t happen now.” Abhir rushes up to him, pleading with him not to do this. Don’t begrudge Akshu his decision, he says. Abhi expresses regret that the marriage cannot take place at this time. He and his family depart. Everyone gives a standing ovation to Manjiri, Surekha, and Shefali. Aarohi’s imagination comes to an end. She believes that this relationship cannot be broken. She looks around and notices Abhi. Abhi requests Akshu’s reports. The children arrive. He speaks to her. Aarohi conceals the reports. She claims it was a bill rather than a report. He joins the kids. She inquires about the desserts dish with Surekha. Surekha claims I sent it. Aarohi dashes forward and stops the servants. She double-checks the plates. She does not receive the report. The man inquires whether you have lost anything. She confirms that it is not present. She believes I’ll tell Akshu before anyone else reads it. Dadi has arrived with the reports. She responds no, you’re not going to tell anyone.

Abhir, Ruhi, and Shivansh perform a dance to the song “Pretty Woman.” Dadi says we’ll keep this a secret since Akshu’s happiness is important, and if everyone knows, they won’t know whether the marriage will take place or not. Aarohi believes Abhi would reject the child. Dadi claims you didn’t go to Abhi because you knew what will happen if this word spreads. According to Aarohi, Abhi loves Ruhi as a true father and will take this news. Dadi questions why you didn’t tell him, marriage can’t happen if they know, I believe Abhi, but Akshu needs to step aside, I’m worried about Manjiri and Muskaan.

Manjiri and Muskaan walk over to get a water bottle. Muskaan mocks her. Manjiri requests that she accept this. She claims Abhi considers you a sister. According to Muskaan, this new relationship may cause you harm. According to Aarohi, you want this marriage to happen by lying to them. Dadi says no, just hide the truth, you know, Akshu will be alone again, this time with two kids, you know how difficult it is to raise children without the support of their father, let this marriage happen, then I will tell Akshu and Abhi everything. Aarohi responds, “Fine, we won’t tell anyone.” Dadi requests that she keep the report. Aarohi enters the guest room and conceals the report. She walks away. Suwarna wonders why the music didn’t stop. Manish claims that the extension cord was burned. Akshu says it’s in the guest room; I’ll go fetch it. She walks away. Dadi reports that Akshu has gone to the guest room to retrieve the cord. According to Aarohi, I kept the report there. She bolts. Akshu examines the drawer. She receives the report. Aarohi arrives and accepts the papers. She hands Manish the extension cord and says, “Take it, this is a random bill.” Akshu leaves. Ruhi remarks, “Wow, Maasi, your mehendi has turned dark, which means Poppy adores you.” Abhir requests that Abhi express his feelings for Akshu. Ruhi asks him to say something. Too much love, according to Akshu, cannot be measured. Abhir says, “I can do it, I love you a lot, I will give up chocolates for jam, my mother is the best, and if you ask me to give up football, I will.” Ruhi says I’ll get all the butterflies in the world for Poppy. Abhi thinks you look good on me. Ruhi inquires how much you adore Akshu. Abhi adds, “I don’t know, if Akshu was a tune, I would have hummed it my entire life, if she was a weather, I would have never let it change, if she was an evening, she would be my every evening.”
Manjiri promises that we will get them engaged. She leaves to retrieve the ring. Aarohi slims Manjiri received Akshu’s pregnancy announcement. Manjiri examines the paper.