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The episode begins with Vidya attending Rohit and Ruhi’s aarti and tilak. She keeps the kalash at bay. Ruhi notices Armaan’s photo. Mrs. Ruhi Rohit Poddar, Rohit greets you. Ruhi trips and falls. Dadi inquires as to your well-being. Ruhi claims that I slid. Look what happened, said Manisha, the kalash fell upside down. Rohit claims it’s a minor oversight. Dadi says no, Poddar bahus is incapable of making mistakes. Vidya claims that the designer made a mistake by creating a hefty bridal lehenga. Whatever the reason, Dadi believes it’s a terrible sign that the rice didn’t fall off the kalash and the gathbandhan broke. Manisha says we’ll hold a puja and skip the abshagun. Dadi becomes enraged. Vidya tells her to relax. Ruhi notices Armaan’s photo. Abhira performs Akshu’s final rituals. Armaan and Kipling observe. Abhira and Armaan consider Akshu.

Akshu makes an appearance. Armaan says, “I knew you’d come, hug me.” Akshu says, “I was lucky to have you as my daughter, you have given me much happiness, bid me farewell, cry, then you can smile tomorrow.” Abhira screams and sobs, “Mumma!” Akshu declares, “I will always love you.” Please do not leave, urges Abhira. Armaan observes. Pandit requests that she fire the pyre. Armaan goes to pick up Abhira. She starts the fire. She becomes dizzy. He has her in his grip. She yells at him and pushes him away. Our bahus, according to Kajal, get up early. Manish suggests that she go to bed early. Vidya claims that every bahu receives ancestral jewelry. Manish claims I received a nosepin and Vidya received a necklace. Vidya says you can take it whenever you want. She claims that Ruhi will receive these bangles; I have two sons; Armaan is always responsible, and Rohit is constantly… Naughty, says Kajal. Vidya claims that when a guy and a kite are connected together, they reach new heights. Manisha wonders why a female can’t touch the sky, sorry mummy. Vidya believes that having a wife makes a man responsible.


Ruhi is forced to wear the bangles. Kajal inquires as to how she seems. Dadi gives Ruhi a grin and a blessing. She claims that you will be Ruhi’s inspiration, that Armaan’s wife would arrive tomorrow, that she will help him improve, and that she will be a simple and submissive girl. Ruhi becomes tense. Dadi claims you were afraid. No, says Ruhi. Vidya inquires as to what there is to be fearful of, noting that bahus do not compete. Dadi argues that bahus compete in the same house, and Manisha, when two bahus are compared, they cannot be comparable. She wants Ruhi to take over as the main bahu. Kajal suggests that we leave right away. Manisha wishes everyone the best and departs. Abhira, Armaan adds, I understand what you’re going through. She asks how, your both parents are living, you are older than me, I will teach you a lesson, it is aggravating to provide this fake pity, I didn’t have my father and family, my mother abandoned me, you can’t know my sorrow. He tells you that you are not alone, that I am with you, and that I told Akshu that I would uphold my responsibility. She claims you are to blame for my mother’s death, that I lost her because of you. She requests that he leave her alone. She claims that she does not believe this marriage. He says me too, but I promised Akshu that if you don’t become independent and realize your mother’s ambitions, you can leave me, but she was correct, you need protection. She claims, “I’m not some helpless girl who needs you; I’m not afraid of Yuvraj; you go your own way.”

She sees Yuvraj and his thugs approaching. Yuvraj exclaims, “Abhira!” Abhira is holding the ashes container. Armaan grabs Abhira and flees. The saucepan is knocked over. Let me go, Abhira says…. Armaan declares, “Akshu gave her life; I will protect you, and I will obtain that kalash.” He goes into hiding and grabs the kalash. Yuvraj is unable to locate her. He tells Abhira, “I’ll see you soon, baby.” He walks away. Armaan says Yuvraj is desperately looking for you, and Akshu’s final request was for you to live with dignity; please come with me and think about it. Okay, but Abhira has some conditions: our relationship will only exist on paper, I will never become your wife in real life, I will work after final exams, and then our paths will diverge, deal? Fine, says Armaan. They exchange handshakes. He says it’s a bargain; I’ll never try to marry you.

Dadi says Rohit is planning a surprise for everyone. Rohit and Ruhi return home. Armaan transports Abhira home. He claims she is the house’s bahu. Everyone is taken aback.