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The episode begins with Aarohi claiming that this guy has abused her and has touched her four times. Sujeet’s wife chastises Aarohi. Kairav becomes enraged. Manish chastises him. Akshu claims you don’t know who your husband is. Manjiri inquires of Aarohi what she is saying. Aarohi and Akshu request that she contact Sujeet. Sujeet and his wife are chastised by Akshu. She stands up for Aarohi. She claims Aarohi was waiting until now due to social fear; we should question her why she didn’t slap Sujeet the first time he touched her. Sujeet is being lectured by her. She claims Aarohi isn’t weak; it’s Sujeet’s fault, so all the questions and penalties will fall on him. Sujeet claims that your sister is your adversary, that she is destroying your marriage, and that Aarohi is acting. He claims that everyone knows who I am, Aarohi catch rich married men these days. Akshu threatens him with a slap. She swears on Abhir that she would not leave her. Sujeet tells Manjiri and Mahima, “Explain it to them, this girl is manipulating me, you trust me, right?” His wife inquires whether he doubts his brother. Mahima intervenes. Sujeet is pushed aside by her. The women are holding hands. They are all united in their support for Aarohi. Sujeet advises against taking a step back or getting physical. Abhi says you two have no ties to the Birla family, so leave and don’t show your face again. He dismisses Sujeet and his wife. He closes the door. Aarohi sobs. Manjiri and Mahima embrace her. They are all in tears. Aarohi expresses gratitude for their assistance. Akshu responds, “We know you’re powerful; we just reminded you of it; you’ve done this.” Aarohi embraces Akshu.

Manish says, “I’m so proud of you because you’ve become Durga and defeated MahishaSur.” He embraces her. Akshu becomes dizzy. Dadi requests that she not fast. I’ve been feeling weak and dizzy for 2-3 days, according to Akshu, and it’s not due of the fasts. Suwarna requests that he arrange for her blood testing, as Manish’s blood tests are scheduled for tomorrow due to the viral outbreak. Manish and Akshu collect blood samples for blood tests in the morning. Suwarna suggests that thorough body profile testing be performed on Akshu. The sample is kept in the pregnancy blood testing sample box by the nurse. Suwarna invites Akshu to sit and eat. They become emotional and begin to cry.

Manish assures you that Abhi will look after you. According to Akshu, Abhi and Abhir have a team, and I will come to you all with my concerns. Manish instructs her to concentrate on her jewelry and makeup. Akshu, Abhi, and Abhir prepare for their photo shoot. They take photographs. Manjiri protects herself from impaired vision. Manish comments, “You got a nice shot for the school project, buddy.” Abhi invites Ruhi to join him. No, Aarohi adds, you take the family photo. What are you saying, Abhi? Our family photo is incomplete without Ruhi. They take the photograph. Abhir and Ruhi dash to their friend’s aid. Abhi says we should go see the guests. Manjiri says we’re there to handle visitors, and you both need to take several photos. Aarohi advises taking 100 photos. Akshu inquires. They leave. The man motions for Abhi and Akshu to approach him and strike a romantic stance. He requests that they hold hands. Berangey the din…sings…. Abhi and Akshu communicate through their hearts. They depart. Abhir and Ruhi greet everyone in the Sangeet and declare the topic of the 1990s. Manish and Suwarna are summoned to the stage for their performance. Manish and Suwarna perform a dance on Gustakh dil… Abhir and Ruhi disagree. She suggests that I play with Shivansh. Abhir says, “I’m going to pray to Shiv Ji for a younger sister.” She asks whether she can play with her. He declines. She apologizes. He replies, “Fine.” Everyone applauds Manish and Suwarna. For the following performance, Abhir and Ruhi summon Kairav, Anand, and Aarohi. They perform a dance on Koi kahe…. Abhi inquires of Akshu, “Are you feeling weak?” I’m apprehensive about the dancing performance, adds Akshu, and your kid has put pressure on me. When Abhi does something wonderful, he is your son; when he does something bad, he is my son. She agrees. Everyone needs to clap for us, he says, because it’s our Sangeet. He presents her with a chocolate. She flatly refuses. He claims you are refusing chocolate. I’m astonished, she says, because seeing dairy products makes me sick. He claims to understand why this is happening.

Precap: Abhir says we’ll all dance to 90s music. Everyone is dancing. Aarohi receives Akshu’s pregnancy announcement. She hands it over to Akshu and Abhi. They are taken aback. This marriage, according to Abhi, can no longer take place.