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The episode begins with Manish congratulating Ruhi on a successful varmala. Vidya inquires as to why you are saying this. Suwarna claims that the varmala ceremony was always fraught with difficulties. Manoj cracks a joke on Manisha. They both laugh. Manish says he doesn’t want any obstacles in their marriage because they are constantly happy. Pandit requests that Akshu perform the kanyadaan. Akshu sobs as he hands Abhira’s hand to Armaan. Rohit receives Ruhi’s hand from Manish. Ruhi sobs as she remembers Armaan. Charu completes the ghatbandhan. The doctor requests that Akshu sign the papers. Rohit and Ruhi go through the motions.

Yeh Rishta kya…plays… Everyone makes fun of Ruhi. Rohit claims that I will always be there to catch her if she falls. The documents are signed by Armaan and Abhira. Kipling claims that while I did everything I could, I forgot to get the sindoor. Abhira replies it’s fine, the signs are finished. He hands over the mangalsutra. No, says Akshu. Abhira inquires as to how we would arrange it right now. They notice the temple. Kanha ji, according to Akshu, will not allow your marriage fall through. From there, Armana obtains sindoor. He’s Abhira’s maang. Ruhi’s maang is filled by Rohit. Armaan forces Abhira to wear a mangalsutra. Ruhi is forced to wear the mangalsutra by Rohit. Everyone applauds. Akshu’s blessings are accepted by Armaan and Abhira. Akshu beams. Dadi, Manish, and everyone wish Rohit and Ruhi the best. Akshu recalls family memories. She lets go of her hands. The machines make a beeping sound. Abhira is taken aback. Manish becomes agitated and collapses. Everyone is rushing. Ruhi inquires as to your well-being.

Suwarna inquires as to what transpired and if you became dizzy. Manish claims that he is fine, but that he felt as if he had lost his life. Dadi says, “I know how you feel when your daughter leaves.” Manish thinks of Akshu. Abhira remembers Akshu and sobs while clutching her hand. Ruhi hugs Manish and says, “I feel like I lost my family and my house in an instant.” He thinks you’re really fortunate to have such a large and loving family. Suwarna hugs Ruhi and tells her that if she ever misses her, she can phone her and she will come to meet her. Vidya invites you to our home, where we will conclude the Bidaai rite.

Manish says you kept our happiness and Ruhi’s happiness. Don’t worry, Dadi says, we love our bahus so much that we ensure Ruhi’s happiness. Doctor says I’ve completed the papers on your behalf; please transport Akshara ji for final rites. Abhira, Armaan says, take your time; we’ll take mam when you’re ready. Manish pushes the automobile and says, “This is a great opportunity for me to do good.” Ruhi sobs. Soni chidaiyya….plays… Akshu is taken by Armaan and Abhira.

Ruhi staggers during the Graha Pravesh. Dadi believes it’s a bad sign. Abhira claims that our relationship is only on paper and that I will not become your wife in reality. Do you agree? Armaan gives her a look.