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The episode begins with Abhir asking Suwarna and Manjiri to write Akshu and Abhi’s names before creating the drawings. Suwarna responds, “Fine, we’ll do that.” Aarohi invites the children to join her for dinner. Sujeet pursues her. Abhi and Akshu both have their names written on their palms. Aai shubh ghadi…plays… Akshu notices Aarohi. Abhir requests water. Sujeet is noticed by Aarohi. She requests that Kairav go get some water. Kairav informs me that I have work. Please grab the water, he says. Okay, relax, he says. Akshu wonders why Aarohi did this. Abhir claims that I dislike the fragrance of mehendi. Manish, Anand, and Kairav are watching a cricket match on their phones. Dadi snatches the phone from Manish’s ear. She chastises him. Abhi inquires about the score. They are all laughing. Manish says we’re getting bored and want to watch the game. Dadi instructs him to dance. He inquires as to how we intend to dance. Suwarna advises that when we are applying mehendi to you, you must dance. According to Anand, this is emotional blackmail. Everyone insists on them dancing. Manish responds, “Fine, we’ll dance.” Men dance on Maayin Maayin… Abhi and Akshu are having a conversation. He forces her to wear the earring and compliments her on it. She beams. Ruhi claims Abhir has fled. Manish responds, “It’s fine, I got it applied.” Manjiri and Kairav are also wearing mehendi. Everyone arrives and raises their hands. Ruhi beams. Sujeet visits Aarohi. Akshu falls. Abhi appears and takes her in his arms. Sujeet tries to restrain Aarohi. She walks away, declaring, “I don’t need any help.” He claims that we are modern people, that you became a widow at a young age, and that you can do whatever you want. She chastises him. Abhi says you’re fasting; tell me what you’re doing, Akshu, sorry. She thinks it’s fine because you’re saying my name, Abhi. Sujeet inquires as to why you are reacting in this manner. Aarohi claims that I am not a child who does not grasp this. He claims that you are misinterpreting a normal touch, that you are overreacting, that it has been many years since no one has come close to you, and that you don’t know the difference between a good and a poor touch. That’s all she says. Abhi rubs lemon juice on Akshu’s hand. They are having a discussion.

Stay away, advises Aarohi, or it will be bad for you. Sujeet says, “I love challenges, I’ll get closer to you, you can’t spoil anything for me, a woman is defamed, nothing harms a man, and I know you won’t ruin your sister’s marriage for your safety.” Abhi invites Akshu to join him. She becomes dizzy. He forces her to sit. He inquires as to what transpired. She claims I’ve been dehydrated because I haven’t had any water since the morning. He offers her some juice. She signs the no. He says, “I know you fasted, but you’re sick, have it.” Aarohi promises to tell your wife the truth. Sujeet advises trying it if you believe they will believe you. Manjiri appears and informs him that he has forgotten several shagun goods at home. She invites Aarohi to accompany Sujeet to get it. Aarohi says I’ll go by myself. Sujeet will accompany you because Manjiri claims the products are hefty. Sujeet confirms that she will require my assistance. Aarohi claims I don’t want him to visit because my mehendi is already ruined. Akshu and Abhi are watching. Aarohi departs. Abhi inquires as to what happened to Aarohi. Sujeet informs me that I must make an urgent call. Akshu notices Sujeet’s mehendi on her sherwani sleeve. Muskaan asks how mehendi got on my hand and where the tiffin box is. Kairav hands her tissues and says, “You don’t lie, and you can skip the mehendi if you want.” He leaves. Suwarna assures her that everything will be alright. Akshu notices Sujeet staring at some girls. The shagun things are given to Aarohi. Sujeet visits Aarohi. Aarohi departs. Akshu invites her to come and discuss with him. Aarohi inquires. Akshu leads her to her room. She asks, “I know why you’re afraid of Sujeet Mama; did he do anything wrong?” She says, “I didn’t expect this from you.” Aarohi inquires if you believe it was my fault. You can’t be quiet, says Akshu. Aarohi claims I chastised him. Akshu discusses her situation.


She claims that girls should not be quiet, but rather shout and not spare him. Aarohi claims I would have done it if it hadn’t been for your happiness. Akshu claims that happiness is less important than respect, but I don’t want shallow happiness. According to Aarohi, I shall avoid this. Sujeet, according to Akshu, is the source of the problem. Aarohi assures me that I will adjust. No, we can’t always adjust, we’ll take action, if you leave him, he’ll molest another girl, I’m proud of you, take a stand in front of everyone, I’m with you, we’ll show him what two sisters can do against him, don’t worry about society, I’ll handle it, come, it’s now or never. They leave. Manjiri accompanies Akshu. Muskaan takes the children to get chocolates. Sujeet approaches Aarohi and tries to grasp her waist. Akshu notices and goes there. She takes his hand in hers. Sujeet is slapped by Aarohi. Everyone is taken aback. Manjiri inquires as to why you slapped him. Akshu suggests that we beat him with shoes. If Aarohi responds yes, inquire as to what he did. Sujeet claims that he has seen you as his daughter. Aarohi chastises him. Everyone is taken aback. Aarohi claims he abused me. Manjiri inquires. Kairav becomes enraged.



According to Abhir, we will all dance to tunes from the 1990s. Everyone is dancing. Aarohi receives Akshu’s pregnancy announcement. She hands it over to Akshu and Abhi. They are taken aback. This marriage, according to Abhi, can no longer take place.