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Abhira notices everyone crying at the opening of the episode. Manish transports Armaan there. Sanjay sobs as he holds Manoj. He says we’ll get ready for the last rites. Manoj gives a nod. Dadi yells that Rohit’s last rites would not go place. Kajal and Manisha request that she embrace the reality. Dadi claims that my heart understands the truth. Sanjay answers no, Rohit is no longer alive. Dadi raises his hand and yells. She comes to a halt. Everyone is watching. Dadi says, “Don’t say that again, or I won’t be able to stop my hand.” She yells that Rohit is still alive and that nothing has happened to him. She walks away.

Surekha claims that Kaveri ji is unwilling to face the truth, but we must consider Ruhi. Rohit has died, and Ruhi is now alone; the same thing occurred to Ruhi, and it will happen again to Ruhi. Armaan sobs and walks over to Ruhi. Ruhi is sobbing. They both cry when they see each other. Rishta kya…plays… Abhira appears and hands Ruhi and Armaan a drink of water.

It’s late at night, and Armaan is asleep. He hears Rohit yelling for assistance. He wakes up and extends his hand. He notices Rohit sunk in the sea. Armaan begins to shake. Abhira turns on the bed and notices Armaan is frozen. She is concerned and calls out Armaan. Armaan is unable to communicate. According to Abhira, it’s sleep paralysis. She requests that he awaken. Rohit sinks… Armaan is concerned. Wake up, Armaan, says Abhira… Armaan breaks free. Abhira says you had a nasty dream, relax, drink some water, and everything will be ok.

Armaan leaves the room. He says I should get ready for Rohit’s case. She tells him that if he faces and feels the agony today, he will be able to smile tomorrow. He claims I cried. She claims you cried for the sake of your family, you cried for yourself, and you lost your brother. He claims that because Dadi stated Rohit would return, he will. She says he isn’t with you, so please cry for the time being. Keep your strange notions to yourself, he advises. She requests that he sleep. She is a musician. He inquires as to why you were playing music. She continues, “I know you put on a brave face, but you miss Rohit; please cry for Rohit, lighten your heart, and accept this blanket.” She shields him. Armaan sobs and remembers Rohit. He takes Abhira’s hand in his.

Vidya starts cooking in the morning. Manish is also in the kitchen. Manisha and Kajal notice Vidya preparing the food. They are concerned. Suwarna is concerned when she sees Manish cooking. She claims you are concerned about Ruhi. He wonders why my daughters had to go through this pain. He is sobbing as he sits. Kartik, Naira, Sirat, Abhinav, he says… Ruhi lost her father, mother, and poppy, and then Akshu vanished. Suwarna reassures him. She says Ruhi also lost her love, I mean love of dear ones, and she should cry and let the anguish out. Vidya mentions that she has cooked previously, and Maasa mentions that Rohit will return. Armaan is accompanied by Dadi and Manisha. He requests that Vidya rest and eat. Vidya says I’ll cook and then eat it. He adds Kajal and Manisha will prepare the food. No, she adds, Rohit like the meals I prepare. He adds we don’t know when he’ll arrive or if you’ll make food every day. She agrees. He requests that she consume the food.

Kajal and Manisha request that she listen to them. Abhira observes. Vidya requests that Armaan leave her alone. The spoon falls to the ground. She claims you believe I prefer Rohit to you. Dadi instructs Manisha and Kajal to pick up Vidya. Armaan sobs. Abhira approaches him.

Sanjay claims that because this is Rohit’s first case, Armaan must make a closing remark. We’ll send someone else, according to Manoj. Sanjay suggests that Armaan see his brother’s success. Dadi believes Sanjay is correct and that Armaan must appear in court. Abhira appears and hands Armaan a sweet. She says, “Curd, have this candy.”

Precap: Dadi says she has prepared a pooja for Rohit’s return, and Armaan and Abhira will participate. Ruhi is mocked by the ladies. Armaan chastises them. Ruhi sobs.