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The episode begins with Armaan remembering Abhira, Akshu, and Ruhi. Is that right, Armaan? asks Akshu. No, mumma, says Abhira. Yes, he replies, I will wed Abhira. No, mother, Abhira declares that she will never wed Armaan. I say, listen to me, Akshu. Does anyone marry like this, Abhira queries? “I’ll call doctor uncle; he’ll treat you and then your mind.” Akshu adds, “Listen to me; don’t waste time arguing; the doctor can’t do anything right now. I’m running out of time.” Abhira says, Please say no. We’ll play rock, paper, scissors and determine that this is the final time, says Akshu. Abhira sobs. Akshu becomes feeble. The medication is injected by the visiting doctor. Abhira requests that Akshu put on the mask. Doctor can’t do anything, says Akshu, but you can, Abhira. She clarifies Abhira. She asks her if she can comprehend her terror. Say yes to this marriage, she says.

I’m going to marry Armaan, says Abhira. Armaan gives her a look. The family dances to Dekho meri ada bhi kya with Rohit. Additionally, Goenkas dance on Gud naal ishq mitha… On the Sajan bade senti, Rohit dances. Everyone gets up and dances. Doing Rohit’s aarti is Suwarna. Suwarna is prevented from pulling Rohit’s nose by everyone. She is asked to tug on his ears. It’s a rasam, explains Surekha. Suwarna reaches out to grasp Rohit’s nose. Rohit adds that if you put off the rasam, my marriage won’t take place. Suwarna furrows his brow. In order to gain admission, Manish requests that he use this sword to touch the toran. Surekha reports that Armaan is missing.


Armaan pats his face clean. He reflects on Akshu’s remarks. Ruhi sobs as she considers Armaan. I’ll register Abhira’s marriage, the man says. Akshu expresses gratitude to him. I must call Ruhi, Armaan says. I’m getting married, Armaan, Ruhi tells him over the phone. He says, “I don’t know how this happened, I need to talk to someone about it.” She queries what transpired. He says, “Whatever is going on here, I’m fine.” Baraat has arrived, and Rohit is waiting for Shivali to invite Ruhi to come. When Armaan hears this, the call stops. Armaan sheds copious tears. He returns to Akshu. The doctor says she is in a critical condition. When Rohit sees Ruhi, he grinned. Kise puchun, he plays.


Taking her hand, he leads her onto the platform. Upon seeing Akshu, Abhira arrives and sobs. Doctor says, “Start it right away; there isn’t time.” before put on the garland, Rohit bows down before Ruhi. Armaan and Abhira trade varmala. Additionally, Rohit and Ruhi trade garlands.




Ruhi and Rohit tie the knot. Marries Abhira, Armaan. Manish wonders why he feels as though a loved one is leaving forever. He trips and falls. Akshu passes away after blessing Abhira and Armaan.