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The episode begins with Rohit getting ready and smiling as he remembers Ruhi. Ruhi gets ready while thinking about Armaan. Lambi Judaai….plays… Vidya dresses Rohit and declares, “You are the groom.” Manisha suggests that I apply your cosmetics. No, says Rohit and everyone else. Vidya bestows blessings on Rohit. Suwarna and Surekha protect Ruhi from Ruhi’s horrible vision. They sob. Manish calms them down. He says I won’t cry, that I want to make her room my study, and that he is relieved Ruhi is leaving. He becomes emotional. Ruhi embraces him. He claims that you have long been the focal point of our lives. Ruhi promises that I will visit you all every day. Dadi requests that everyone call Rohit. Rohit arrives. Dadi blesses him and protects him from harm’s way.

She claims that if Armaan says he will come, he will arrive. Dadi does Rohit’s aarti. Everyone invites Rohit. On a notepad, Abhira writes, “Mumma will be fine.” Armaan observes. In the baraat, everyone dances. Kiara cracks jokes about Manisha and Madhav. Dadi instructs Manisha. Everyone in the room chuckles. They perform a dance. Rohit dials Armaan’s number. He inquires as to your whereabouts; Ruhi and I are getting married. Armaan becomes enraged and recalls Ruhi’s statements. Rohit inquires, “When are you coming, and what time will you arrive?” Armaan says he can’t come since it’s a matter of life and death. Rohit says ok, if you don’t feel unhappy when you see the photo album, I won’t grin because you are my smile. Armaan adds, “Go and marry happily, and promise me that you will keep Ruhi happy for the rest of your life.” You should take Ruhi’s pledge, not mine, according to Rohit. Don’t do a drama, Armaan urges, and promise me you’ll always make her pleased. Rohit responds, “Yes, I will do, I promise, I will always keep her happy, I hope your work is completed, please come soon.” Abhira notices Akshu and calls the doctor. Armaan rushes as well. The doctor instructs the nurse to get the injection as soon as possible. Stop, Akshu, how much time do I have? Nothing bad will happen to you, according to Abhira. Only a few moments, says the doctor. Abhira pleads, “How can you say this, you try to save her, please?” He walks away. Armaan, Abhira, says Akshu… She is holding them. She claims she needs a promise from you. Armaan asks Akshu to say something. She claims you must rescue a life. She takes Abhira’s hand in hers and says, “Save her life, marry her, Yuvraj will not abandon Abhira.” They are taken aback. No, says Abhira. Akshu declares, “This is my last wish: marry Abhira and save her life.” Nothing bad will happen to you, according to Abhira. Akshu says I’m leaving, you’ll be alone, Yuvraj won’t abandon you, and I have entire faith in Armaan.

She claims that the man who can drop everything and come to my rescue is willing to go to any length to save his wife. I don’t want anyone’s protection, says Abhira, I simply want my mother. But I’m going, says Akshu, so please say yes for my sake; it’s a big deal. She requests that Armaan make a decision as soon as possible. Armaan adds, “I promise Abhira will become a more famous lawyer than you, and I will try to become her good friend,” but marriage is a major commitment, Mam, and I’m not sure whether I’m suited for Abhira. Abhira believes you are incorrect. Akshu answers, “I know,” but can you give me a promise that our culture would not misconstrue your friendship and support? She says, simply perform this favor for me, and when the world asks, “What’s this relationship called?” what would you say?

Armaan and Abhira exchange garlands in the foreground. Garlands are also exchanged by Rohit and Ruhi. Both of the couples marry.