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The episode begins with Abhi announcing that Akshu has arrived. He dials her number. She answers the phone and answers his call. He inquires as to your whereabouts. She notices him and says, “Behind you.” He turns and sprints towards her. The visitors have left. Manjiri wonders why Akshu took Abhinav’s name. Suwarna claims that we don’t know. Muskaan wonders why not. Kairav intervenes. Surekha claims Akshu fled her haldi. Muskaan, you can’t say everything you want, says Dadi. Sujeet appears and takes Aarohi in his arms. She takes a step back. He says, “Girls get nervous before marriage; you have to be strong for your family; and if you need help, come to me.” He leaves. He is said to be a good person by her. Manjiri asks, “I’m scared. Did Akshu abandon Abhi again? He was finally happy after 7 years.” Manish advises against saying this. She claims that if the bride quits, the groom’s mother will be upset. If you don’t want to marry, Abhi says you can inform him. Akshu inquires, “When did I say that, I needed to talk to you?” He asks her to say something. She says, “I’d like to tell you something about Abhinav.” Everyone is concerned. Muskaan is praying. Abhi and Akshu return home. Manish inquires as to your whereabouts, as everyone was concerned. Akshu apologizes, “I went leaving the rasam because I was helpless.” Manjiri inquires as to why. Because of Abhinav, says Akshu. Manjiri inquires as to what you mean. Akshu claims that he sold his taxi to pay for Abhir’s surgery, that he borrowed money to buy a new taxi, that the loan lenders were bothering Neela, that it was my obligation, that I wanted to notify Abhi and bring him along, but he was busy here, so I had to go alone. Manjiri hugs her and apologizes for her absence from the wedding reception. Abhir appears and embraces Akshu. She says she can’t leave you. Ruhi says yes, and I tell him he can’t just leave Poppy. Akshu is waiting for Haldi. Manjiri blesses Akshu after applying the haldi.

The haldi is used by everyone. Aarohi is assigned a mission by Dadi. Sujeet appears and takes Aarohi in his arms. He inquires if you require assistance. She declines. He says to come to him if you need anything. He visits the children. Aarohi wonders why he makes her feel odd; no, he is a decent man; some people are like that. Akshu struggles to stand up. Abhi extends his hand. Manjiri observes. Akshu is holding his hand. Rishta kya….plays… Manjiri smiles and walks away. Akshu wonders if you’re unhappy since you just responded alright after I told you everything. Abhi smiles and says, “You’re stupid, but I’m proud of you because you took on Abhinav’s responsibilities.” He hands her a kerchief and tells her that he keeps two hankies in each pocket. She beams. He offers her some juice. Everyone smiles as they watch. Dadi protects against bad vision. Akshu arrives to meet with Manjiri. She explains why she wants to meet in secret. Manjiri takes her hand in his and says, “I came to explain something to you, you had to leave the rasam today, I was so scared, think of Abhi, he has just loved you his entire life.” Akshu adds, “I understand; trust me; I will never intentionally harm you or Abhi.” Manjiri adds, “I know,” but promise me that Abhinav will never stand in the way of Abhi and you. Akshu is taken aback. Manjiri asks her to say something. After Abhinav’s departure, Akshu exclaims, “Don’t say this, I have no faith.” Abhi, Manjiri says, and you’re starting over. Abhinav isn’t here, how will he come in between, you want me to forget him, how shall I forget him, I promised Abhi that I will give 100% to our marriage and value his word, Abhir’s upbringing and our friendship are the foundation of our marriage. Manjiri says he loves you, that he is grateful for your support, and that he will have hope. Akshu believes that hope is not a negative thing, and that we shall do our best to meet the trials of fate. Manjiri says she will wait for the hope to be fulfilled, but she will take care of Abhi since if he doesn’t have your love, he shouldn’t get your pain.

Manish cracks a joke on Kairav. Kairav claims that you are forcing me to rub your hands while claiming that my hands are weak. Suwarna beams. They all talk about the ceremonies and puja. Kairav inquires as to what gift we will give Abhi and Akshu. Ruhi says we’ll give them a puppy as a gift. Anand describes it as a huge responsibility. We’ll give them a bike, according to Abhir. Kairav claims that they already have it. Suwarna suggests that we give them a farmhouse as a gift for their future. Akshu appears. Manish believes that farming is essential. Abhi arrives. He inquires as to what occurred and why everyone became so quiet. Aarohi claims that we are already at ease. Ruhi claims they are mute as a result of me. Akshu inquires as to what is going on. Everyone, including Kairav, lies. Abhir instructs Manish to inquire about Akshu’s preferred gift.
Abhi and Akshu attend their mehendi. Sujeet is pushed by Aarohi. Akshu promises to show him what we’re capable of. Sujeet is slapped by Aarohi. Everyone is taken aback.