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The episode begins with Yuvraj and his goons fleeing. The police arrive. Armaan informs us that we must transport Mam to the hospital. Manish is tense and wonders what is causing it. Inspector orders staff to apprehend Yuvraj. Akshu is taken to the hospital by Armaan and Abhira. Armaan confronts the doctor and tells him to hurry up. The doctor inquires as to what occurred to Akshara. Abhira claims she was shot. Take her inside and arrange for blood units for her fast, says the doctor. Abhira sobs. Armaan wonders what right he has to explain himself to you. He to the temple to pray. He believes Akshara Mam taught him the difference between good and wrong. He says a prayer for her. Manish claims everything is alright, then why do I have the feeling that someone close to me is in danger? Akshu thinks of Abhira and Manish. She becomes aware. She claims, “I know no medicine can save me.” Trust us when the doctor says you’ll be OK. She requests the phone. She dials Manish’s number.

She says, “Bade Papa…” Manish is taken aback when he hears her voice. He knocks over the glass of water. He thinks of Akshu. She claims the incident is still a barrier between us, and she says, “I’m talking to you after years.” Ruhi arrives. On phone, Akshu hears her voice. Ruhi inquires as to what transpired. Manish warns that if you approach here, the glass will shatter. Ruhi inquires as to whom you are conversing. No one, says Manish, and perhaps the number is incorrect.

Akshu believes I should inform Manish about Abhira because hearing her name will make his wrath evaporate. Ruhi says alright, remain here while I get the cleaner. She walks away. Akshu says, “I have something important to tell you.” He claims he doesn’t want to hear anything because you have no relationship with us and are dead to us. Akshu is taken aback. He chastises her and tells her not to call again. She requests that he take her name only once. He declines and hangs up.

Yuvraj and Abhira come to mind. The doctor thinks you’ll be OK. Armaan notices Abhira. Akshu makes a prayer to Kanha ji. She pleads, “Send someone to look after my daughter, or Yuvraj will not leave her.” She recognizes Armaan and Abhira. Mam will be well, according to Armaan. Abhira shoves him and says, “I told you to stay away, I was ready to marry, mum’s life would not have been ruined, why did you come in between, you have a big family, I only have my mumma, I will shatter if anything happens to her, I will become an orphan because of you.” They notice Yuvraj and his thugs. Armaan conceals Abhira.

Abhira says, “Leave me alone, I want to go.” Armaan says, “I’m not going to let you go.” She says, “Leave me alone.” Yuvraj searches for Abhira. He had an argument with the nurse. Armaan shackles Abhira’s hands. He closes her mouth. He motions for her to take a seat. He ties her feet together. Armaan dresses like a doctor. He deceives Yuvraj. Yuvraj is leaving. Abhira is pushing a crate. Yuvraj notices the noise. The nurse arrives and inquires if you have located the lady who was shot. Yuvraj responds yeah, but do you know where she is? She claims she came here, and because it was a police matter, we directed her to the city hospital. Yuvraj thanks her and hands her money. He flees with his thugs. Armaan expresses gratitude to the nurse. He apologizes and says, “I’m so sorry, I had no other choice.” He unties Abhira and commands her to stand. Mumma, says Abhira….

Manish believes I did the right thing. Suwarna awakens and inquires as to what you are saying. Armaan inquires about the operation. The bullet has been removed, according to the doctor, but the inside bleeding has not stopped; only a miracle can save her life. Suwarna discusses Ruhi’s marriage with Manish. She claims that Ruhi’s happiness will always come first; we made a significant sacrifice, and when I see her smiling, I know we did the right thing. Abhira sobs as she clutches Akshu’s hand. Armaan stands there crying.

Precap: Akshu states that marrying my Abhira and saving her life is his final wish. Armaan gets married to Abhira. Ruhi gets married to Rohit.