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The episode begins with everyone revealing the idol. According to Manjiri, the elephant’s trunk should be on its left. Yes, Abhi responds, it was on the left. Surekha inquires as to how you know. Akshu claims I sent him the photo. Manjiri wonders who did this. Abhi believes this was done by mistake by personnel. Muskaan is stopped by Kairav. Dadi inquires as to how we intend to keep the idol. Manjiri claims I was concerned. Manish instructs Kairav to go buy an idol. Manjiri says no; Akshara must go. Akshu assures me that I will make it. Surekha inquires as to when the clay will cure and when we will perform the pooja. Dadi says we can’t have rasams and marry… Aarohi suggests consulting Guru ji for a solution. Abhir claims I did it. They inquire as to what.

Ruhi and Abhir are shown on Facebook visiting the idol. He ruins it. FB comes to an end. Please do not cancel the marriage, say the children. Abhi says it’s fine; we’ll figure something out. Suwarna expresses regret to Bappa. She says we need to perform visarjan on this idol and produce a new one. Akshu picks up some betel leaves. Abhi lends her a hand. Akshu produces Bappa from the leaves. She inquires whether this Ganpati is in good condition and whether we may retain it. Manjiri claims that she has never seen such a magnificent Ganpati before. Anand says we should begin the pooja. They do the pooja. The aarti is performed by Akshu and Abhi. He says it’s my turn to deal with this. Manjiri makes plans for Mama and Mami ji. Aarohi tells Manjiri to unwind. Sujeet, Manjiri and Mahima’s cousin, is mentioned. Sujeet and his wife have arrived. He hugs his sisters and announces that he has returned after 10 years, 7 months, and 15 days. Manjiri embraces Sujeet’s wife. Sujeet blesses Shefali and says, “I read your articles and I am very proud of you.” Aarohi welcomes him. Sujeet describes you as a strong girl who found satisfaction in her sister’s happiness. Manjiri requests that they relax. Abhi, she continues, I need to talk to you. Abhi travels to see Abhir. He believes Abhir is asleep. He takes a seat on the bed. Akshu is fast asleep. She believes it is Abhir.

I adore you, says Abhi. She blinks open her eyelids. They see each other and exclaim, “You, I thought it was Abhir!” He takes her hand in his. Abhir wonders if this is a game. Abhi is knocked down. Abhir inquires if you are in pain. No. 1 is signed by Abhi. They question Abhir about why he wasn’t in bed. Abhir says I went to the washroom and then the kitchen, and Manjiri says you have to go to the temple, hurry up, and come back on time. Akshu leaves. Abhir thinks I should get a gift for setting you and Mumma up.

Akshu prepares himself. Abhi goes to fetch his bike. He claims work is being done on that route, so we’ll have to ride our bikes. She says nothing and gets on the bike. They arrive at the temple. They see a wedding and remember their own. Pandit says Manjiri told him you’d come with your future wife to complete Maa Gauri’s Shringhaar. He bestows blessings on their jodi. They decorate the idol and pray for Abhir’s well-being. Akshu vows not to take the relationship for granted. Abhi believes that we must assist one another and share our concerns and responsibilities. Perfect, says Akshu. He makes a mistake. She is concerned and holds him. She inquires as to your well-being. Yes, he responds, I’ll get the bike. She declines. She is the one who drives. He claims I am capable of driving. She inquires as to why she should allow me to drive.

They converse and then say Oye. They reflect on the past. A pair listens to music on a Bluetooth speaker while waiting for the signal. O mere dil ke chayn…sings… Abhi reflects on the past. He believes that what I feel for you is my problem; I have no expectations from you and only hope that I never fail you. She thinks I’m trying, but I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake.

Prequel: Akshu is on his way. She becomes dizzy. Abhi searches for her. He inquires as to why you left the function. She insists that I tell her about Abhinav.