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The episode commences with everyone urging Rohit to engage in dancing. All individuals commence dancing to the tune of “Haq hai humko…” Today, the lions have been released… Rohit catches sight of Ruhi and reminisces about their matrimony. Ruhi observes Armaan. Armaan averts his gaze and engages in dancing. Abhira observes Dadi. Manish smiles seeing Abhira. She worries and recalls Ruhi’s comments. Rohit announces that there are only 10 seconds remaining until the new year, signaling the start of the countdown. Sanjay engages in the act of counting. Krish recalls Sanjay’s remarks. Suwarna sees Ruhi. Everyone counts. Armaan fastens the handcuff on both Rohit and himself. Abhira holds Armaan. They all celebrate. Rohit screams and goes. Armaan calls him out. Vidya wonders where is he. She asks Krish to go and examine the room. Madhav says he isn’t answering. Vidya asks where can he go. Abhira says don’t worry, he will be around. Sanjay says he is nowhere. Armaan said even guard didn’t see. Vidya asks where is Rohit. Dadi laughs. She says you forgot he used to go to his pals in his youth, so that we request him to come, he will come back, he is kiddish, I know him, he will come, you all have food, this house is his heartbeat and heart doesn’t leave the heartbeat, lets play a game. Everyone worries.

Time passes. Its 3am. Vidya sits worried for Rohit. Manisha claims mummy can’t see Vidya’s condition. Kajal says nothing will happen to Rohit. Abhira asks Ruhi to have medicine. She says Rohit would come, take the meds. Manish and Armaan look on. Dadi calls Rohit. Armaan calls Rohit’s friends. Surekha says we should do something, Rohit is our son in law. Manish says Madhav will handle things. Abhira sees everyone anxious.

She rushes to Dadi and says I think we should make a police report. Sanjay says that will tarnish us, Abhira won’t grasp this. Abhira says we should find Rohit. He suggests we should wait for more time. Dadi adds I think she is saying right, we should lodge a report. Madhav says I shall phone the police station. Sanjay asks what would you tell them, Rohit has run away after patching up with Armaan, what’s the cause. Abhira says cops have to find Rohit. Manisha hears Aryan narrating about Rohit and Abhira’s intense chat. She goes and claims Rohit fled the house because of Abhira. Abhira asks what. Manisha says I had a doubt about you, he left the house because of you, don’t pretend, you don’t want well for the family. Vidya asks Abhira did Rohit tell anything. Abhira says no. Sanjay says you want awful for this family. Suwarna asks Abhira what did you tell him. Abhira says nothing. Vidya screams and begs what did we do to you. Kajal said inform us if you know anything. Surekha says its Abhira’s error, respond us.

Abhira gets dizzy. Armaan takes her aside. He says you don’t know where did he go, what did you tell him. She says nothing, he came to say sorry to me. They dispute. He says if anything happens to him because of you… She says simply shut up, my patience has ended. He says don’t shout, even I can shout. She says I know, you can also shout, falsehood won’t turn into truth. Vidya says truth remains the truth, Abhira, my Rohit left the house, you are accountable for this. Abhira thinks maybe he had a confrontation with someone. Vidya says sure, we realize the importance of family and understand the necessity of ties. She taunts Abhira. Abhira replies if your upbringing is so stable, then how did the foundation get shaken today. Vidya says you are doubting my upbringing. Abhira says you also cursed my upbringing, did you feel guilty, if you values are so amazing, then why did Rohit leave the house by coming in your words, did I overcome your ideals, Rohit isn’t a youngster to leave the house, ask yourself what happened that he isn’t with you now. Dadi gets a package. Abhira says give it to me, please. Dadi pushes her. Abhira says that my mumma’s last indication. Dadi says nothing is imp than Rohit, return Rohit to me, till then I will keep this box. Abhira replies no, don’t do this, I will find Rohit, leave the box, please. She cries. Manish urges Dadi to return the box. Madhav says its wrong, Maasa. Dadi scolds Abhira.

Precap: Abhira thinks everyone blames me. Manish is sorry and adds Goenkas’ daughters also suffered. Ruhi says I guess Rohit got to know about us, so he left. Armaan is surprised. Abhira looks on.