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The episode begins with Abhi stumbling. Akshu is holding him. They notice each other. She enters the house. Muskaan questions why you’re running away from him, how you’ll keep the marriage together, you’re not ready for marriage, please don’t do this marriage. It’s late at night, and Akshu is worried. She doesn’t get enough sleep. She tries to divert her attention elsewhere. It’s dawn, and Goenkas greet Birlas. Sujeet and his wife are introduced by Manjiri. Manish believes we must demonstrate how we treat guests. Abhir asks Abhi to wait while Akshu prepares. Sujeet requests that he be given some work to accomplish without any formalities. Kairav says it’s fine, come on over; we’ll decorate. Sujeet believes I am capable of doing so. Akshu prepares himself. Suwarna protects against bad vision. Aarohi puts on kajal. They are complimentary to Akshu.

The ladies are singing. Akshu appears. Abhi recognizes her and smiles. Ranginiya…plays… Shefali mocks Abhi. Manjiri beams. The Mauli thread is tied by Dadi. She explains that now that the marital rasams have begun, you both will not go out, and that we will apply haldi Chandan on Abhi first, followed by Akshu. Everyone rubs the haldi on Abhi. Abhir summons Akshu to apply haldi to Abhi. Dadi advises Akshu to apply haldi on him. Akshu uses haldi on Abhi. She requests that Abhi come and speak with her as soon as possible. Abhi says I’ll just show up. Stay with us, Kairav adds, and we’ll call Akshu. Suwarna appears and tells Manish something. Manish, Kairav, and Aarohi are concerned. Manjiri inquires if everything is in order. Manish claims that Akshu is not at home. She inquires as to why she is unable to go out. Kairav claims she is not present. Surekha wonders if she fled because she was afraid of marriage. Manish instructs her to think and speak. Abhir inquires about Mumma’s departure. Shefali says no, we’ll go get some dinner. Surekha confronts Suwarna. Manish promises that we will find her. She inquires if she visited Kasauli. Muskaan beams. Aarohi wonders why she would go there. Surekha claims she has been there. Manish inquires as to how you know. She requests that Muskaan contact Neela and inquire.

Abhi is concerned since Akshu does not visit Kasauli. Muskaan mocks him. He says he trusts her, that she will come, that she is responsible, and that I will contact her. He goes through her missed calls. He claims it is inaccessible. Aarohi suggests that she phone us and that we wait for her call. Akshu phones Abhi and says, “Perhaps he’s calling me; I’ll wait for his call.”

Abhi receives a phone call. He inquires as to your whereabouts. She is dizzy. He inquires, “Are you not well?” She claims I came to see Abhinav…. Her phone is knocked over. Surekha believes this can only signify one thing. Abhi washes the haldi. Manjiri inquires as to your destination. He tells you to go grab Akshu. Kairav says I’ll accompany him. Manjiri inquires as to where you intend to locate her. Abhi promises to find her and return her. He walks away, hoping she is safe. Akshu searches for her phone. He hears a temple bell and concludes that Akshu is nearby. He doesn’t notice her.

Abhi rushes over to Akshu. He inquires as to why you left the function. She insists that I tell her about Abhinav. Manjiri promises that Abhinav will never stand in the way of Abhi and you.