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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update only on

The episode begins with Yuvraj calling Armaan and informing him about the plan to get married to Abhira. Armaan becomes angry and frustrated. Yuvraj taunts him about the slap and vows to make the teacher pay for Armaan’s actions. Meanwhile, Abhira is shown tied to a chair, and Yuvraj threatens to harm Akshu if Abhira doesn’t comply.

In the Poddar house, Vidya decides to apply shagun mehendi and write Rohit’s name on Ruhi’s hands. Vidya and the family try to console Ruhi, assuring her that Rohit will love her immensely. Yuvraj continues to torment Abhira, and Ruhi, still in love with Armaan, remains conflicted about her decision to marry Rohit.

Armaan, deeply concerned for Abhira and Akshu, takes the car keys and leaves for the hospital. Dadi asks Ruhi to join the mehendi ceremony. Armaan is determined to rescue Abhira and Akshu. Meanwhile, Yuvraj, with Akshu at gunpoint, continues to manipulate Abhira. Abhira, in a desperate attempt to save her mother, agrees to marry Yuvraj.

Armaan, on his way to the hospital, expresses his worry and prays for Abhira and Akshu’s safety. Abhira, now reluctantly engaged in the wedding preparations, tries to handle the situation. Yuvraj, reveling in the situation, enjoys the chaos he has created.

At the mehendi ceremony, Vidya encourages Ruhi to focus on her upcoming marriage with Rohit and assures her that she will find immense love in her new family. Meanwhile, Yuvraj continues his manipulative tactics with Abhira and threatens to harm Akshu if she doesn’t comply.

Armaan, determined to rescue Abhira and Akshu, arrives at the hospital and confronts the inspector about the progress in finding Yuvraj. The situation intensifies as Yuvraj, now more unpredictable, revels in his control over Abhira and Akshu.

In the final moments of the episode, Yuvraj’s threats escalate, and Abhira is left with no choice but to go along with the wedding to protect her mother. The tension reaches a critical point as the events unfold in the hospital ward, leaving the fate of Abhira and Akshu hanging in the balance.