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The episode begins with Manjiri expressing, “I want all the rasams to be perfect.” Shefali claims that Parth and my marriage had excellent rasams, but our relationship didn’t last; rasams aren’t important, but relationships are. Manjiri is also explained by Akshu and Aarohi. Akshu believes Abhi and I will have a happy marriage. Manjiri embraces them. Dadi protects against bad vision. Surekha inquires of Kairav as to the whereabouts of Muskaan. He claims she is… Muskaan is on his way out. Aarohi inquires if you are going anywhere. Muskaan says yes to my colleague’s wedding. Kairav mocks her. Manish invites him to accompany Muskaan. He apologizes and states that he will not be able to attend. Muskaan says I’ll go alone, and your rasams will be OK. She turns and runs into Suwarna. Her hand enters the clay. Dadi says shagun is finished; are you happy now, Manjiri? Suwarna adds that the plate is slipping and that you should put this in the temple. Muskaan accepts it. Muskaan, according to Akshu, has no evil intentions and loves me. Muskaan is stopped by Kairav. Muskaan walks away. Let her go, urges Akshu. Dadi says we should begin the puja. They do the pooja. Akshu is sitting and working on the idol. She hears a noise and believes it is the arrival of a thief. Abhi walks in via the window. They start yelling and arguing.

He says, “I was coming to meet you, and wow, you already made the idol.” She describes herself as a lawyer by career and an artist by hobby. He thinks you’re the best, the idol is nice, and might I help with the coloring? She says yes, you fill in the color, and I’ll handle the detailing. They take a seat to color the idol. The color runs down his chest. She apologizes. He claims it’s okay because everyone makes mistakes. He paints her face. He bolts. She pursues him.

Akshu says the task is done, there is plenty of time, what should I do? Abhi notices the wedding invitation. Akshu notices the saree and declares, “I’m getting married.” Abhi claims that I am marrying Akshu. Yes, Rohan says, believe it now, you have no duty, go home and sleep. Akshu says Abhir did the homework, so how am I going to do timepass? Abhi inquires, “Are you ordering me?” No, Rohan continues, I’m blackmailing you, and Manjiri can find out about your overtime. Abhi claims her mother is sleeping; I’ll keep it in mind. He leaves.

Akshu sings the aarti in the morning. She goes to perform aarti for everyone. Abhi prepares breakfast for everyone. Ruhi inquires as to how he became a chef. Manjiri says he wants to keep his heart at ease. Aarohi tells him to stop cooking since there will be too many parathas. Akshu prepares Abhir. Abhi gets Ruhi ready and tells her, “You are the best daughter in the world.” Ruhi thinks you’re the best poppy in the universe. Manjiri appears and wards off evil sight. She instructs Abhi to get ready. Manish requests that Abhir accompany him. He instructs Akshu to get ready. Abhi and Akshu prepare. She receives Abhi’s voicemail… I’m likewise nervous; I couldn’t sleep and was in the hospital all night; I gave the family parathas; best wishes to you and me. She beams.

Abhi hugs Kairav and apologizes for whatever has occurred. Kairav suggests that I thank you. Abhi takes a look around. Manish says she left to get something for Abhir’s school project, but she’ll come back and chat to us later. Yes, Abhi says, I was looking for Surekha. Manish says you wear spectacles; why didn’t you put them on today? Surekha is here, don’t you see? Surekha inquires as to what you said. Manish declines. Surekha inquires whether I appear to be overweight. He answers no, I was referring to your low stature. She claims I wore heels. He says younger in both age and sense. She praises him for the compliment, and he responds, “As you think.” Suwarna inquires whether Manish is complementing or taunting her. Akshu exits the vehicle. Her saree becomes entangled in the car door. She notices the keys on the inside. She dials Kairav’s number. The phone is knocked over. She attempts to answer the phone. She asks, “How will I get inside?” Abhi arrives. He smiles as he recalls the past. Dil ne kaha…plays… He grabs her hair pin and unlocks the car door. He answers her phone. He requests that she take the automobile keys. They leave.

Prequel: Akshu is on his way. She becomes dizzy. Abhi searches for her. He inquires as to why you left the function. She insists that I tell her about Abhinav.