Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2023 Episode 4238

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The episode begins with Manish recalling an assistant bringing the pickles container and Dadi asking him to retrieve it. Surekha plans to signal a cough if someone approaches, but she accidentally coughs too early. Manish is frustrated, telling her not to repeat it and finds the cupboard key. He retrieves the pickles but criticizes the broken items. Later, a man arrives, and the family tries to discreetly signal each other. Kairav and his wife share a moment until the man interrupts, assigning them cleaning tasks.

Surekha suggests breaking the rules to get evicted, but Manish worries about the kids. They plead for an extra day, citing Abhi’s situation. Abhi, feeling guilty, plans to reveal the truth. The man accuses the kids of breaking a laptop, but Akshu defends them. An argument ensues, leading Manish to expose the truth about the broken items, causing the man to argue further.

In a turn of events, threats of calling the police prompt the retreat staff to apologize and return the money and belongings. The family decides to return home, where they’re greeted by Mahima, Shefali, and Shivansh. Abhi and the family are invited to Shivansh’s party, although there’s tension over whether to attend. Eventually, they agree, and preparations for the party begin.

The family makes excuses to avoid the party, but eventually, they all agree to attend, despite concerns. Abhi urges Akshu to rest, but she refuses. An ominous warning and a glimpse of danger for Akshu are teased in the preview of the next episode.