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The episode begins with Akshu inquiring where you’re going and if Neela is okay. Kairav confirms, “I’m going for an imp deal,” and Manish, who is equally furious, confirms. Akshu inquires if Muskaan will accompany you to close the sale. Kairav says she’s traveling to Mumbai for a week for imp work; we’re sorry, but we have to leave. Akshu swears at him and asks, “Tell me the truth, why are you both missing my marriage?” He requests that she ask Manish. Akshu prompts him to respond. Muskaan responds to Manjiri’s statement. She claims that Akshu should be aware of where she is getting married because her Sasural has removed us from the marriage. Kairav claims you couldn’t keep your cool. Akshu inquires as to why. Muskaan claims that I am Abhinav’s sister, therefore Manjiri is concerned that I may cause a stumbling block in their marriage. Congratulations on your marriage. Kairav adds, “I will always be there for you; if you need anything, call me.” Akshu comes to a halt and declares, “I’ll do what I have to.”

According to Abhi, I was thinking to myself, “How can this happen, Kairav isn’t coming in Sangeet?” The doorbell rings. He double-checks. Akshu appears. Is everything okay? he inquires. She says I need to speak with Manjiri. Abhi prompts her. Everyone shows up. Akshu believes I should talk to her privately. Talk in front of me, says Abhi. She requests some privacy. He says, “Don’t give me a second thought, just say it.” She apologizes, “Maa, we can’t accept your condition; how will the marriage be complete without Muskaan?” Abhi questions Manjiri about her refusal to Muskaan. Manjiri explains that marriage happens with everyone’s best wishes, and because Muskaan cares so much about Abhi, she shouldn’t come. Abhi claims she isn’t doing anything illegal, and I consider her to be my sister. She claims you are her brother’s adversary. Akshu says don’t stop her because otherwise Kairav will not come, and the marriage will be incomplete without Kairav. Mahima claims that even Parth will not attend; I disagree, but what will we tell Shivu? She protests.

Muskaan, according to Aarohi, is doing this for Abhinav’s loss, and Akshu and Kairav will suffer as a result. Parth, according to Mahima, should also be invited to the wedding. Parth, according to Anand, should not come. Abhi and Akshu declare enough is enough; we want Abhir to have the affection of both families. Manjiri advises not to decline marriage. If you want this marriage to happen, Abhi says, don’t do anything behind our backs; Kairav and Muskaan will be part of the family. Mahima suggests that you invite Parth for my sake. In times of stress, Kairav indulges in sweets. Akshu approaches and stops him. He inquires as to why you fought with them. She claims I only informed them of their legal rights. She calms him down. He claims Muskaan made a mistake. She claims you are only passing judgment on her. He says I’ll speak with her. He eats the laddoo and says, “You’re the bride, you diet.” Everyone begins to prepare. Muskaan observes. Manish said that the wedding will be held in Rajasthani manner.

Dadi suggests that we begin with the Ganpati pooja. Abhir wonders why Shiv puja isn’t performed, given that Shiv is his father. Dadi says yes, but Shiv ji says every excellent effort should begin with Ganpati’s name, thus wedding card… Wedding card, state Abhir and Ruhi… and flee. Manjiri says Akshu must create the Ganpati statue, and the new bahu must obtain the clay. Muskaan is stopped by Kairav. Muskaan authorizes him to wait. She apologizes for failing to meet your expectations. Dadi warns you not to be stubborn since Akshu battled for your sake. Muskaan claims I didn’t ask her to fight, that she doesn’t care about me, that she was saddened that Kairav was leaving, and that Manjiri wants me to stay away. Kairav says she’s not mistaken; she understands you can’t stop being childish, but you’ll do your duty today. Muskaan refuses to perform this responsibility, and Akshu informs her that she will not be forced to do so, and that her decision will be respected. Parth meets Abhi. He says you won’t come to the hospital because I want everyone to be happy and I don’t want Mahima to struggle for you. Surekha claims Muskaan wishes to create a drama in your marriage. Akshu says it’s fine if she doesn’t want to do it; all I ask is that she attend the wedding. Muskaan claims that he does not dislike you. Akshu claims that you no longer love me as much as you once did. Muskaan adds, “I love Abhinav and you; I can’t see you with anyone else, I can’t curse you, I can’t wish you well.” She walks away. Parth says you want me to attend your wedding. Abhi says I’m inviting you because of family obligations. Parth adds, “Lie, you’re feeding your ego.” No, Abhi responds, you think what you’re doing. Manjiri says, “I knew this was going to happen.” Who will get the clay? Suwarna or Surekha, according to Akshu, will get it. Manjiri responds, “I don’t want any problems in your relationship right now.”

Prequel: Abhi and Akshu reveal the Ganpati. Everyone is taken aback. Manjiri explains the flaw: the idol’s trunk should be on the left. Dadi inquires as to where we will place the idol.