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The episode begins with Manjiri returning the items and stating that they are no longer required. Shefali tells Abhi not to be concerned. She says, “I’m very happy for you, and I’d like to see Abhira’s love story.” Abhi claims Akshu is married for the sake of Abhir. She promises to love you one day, so ask for her affection. He claims she has already given me a lot. Goenkas has arrived. Abhi inquires of Abhir as to what transpired. Abhir informs him. Abhi claims Akshu desires a lavish wedding. Manjiri inquires, “Did she agree, did she change her mind because of me?” I will speak with her. Don’t worry, adds Suwarna. Manish claims she has prepared for this. He inquires of Abhi whether there is an issue. They all embrace and congratulate one another. Shefali mocks Abhi. He laughs.

Abhi and Akshu communicate via video call. He says, “If you’re happy, I’m happy.” She recalls his angry outbursts. He thinks we can get married in court. She claims you’ve changed a lot and that life will be better for you and your family now. I don’t want to make the same mistakes again, he says. Good night, she says we’ll meet tomorrow. She hangs up the phone.

Manjiri tells Pandit about Abhi and Akshu’s wedding in the morning. Muskaan appears. Manjiri says you came to pray as well; we’ll talk a lot at the wedding functions; congratulations. Muskaan says you celebrate, I mourn; bahu and grandchild are here, and I can’t appear to be joyful. Manjiri inquires, “Is everyone happy with this relationship?” Muskaan claims that this is because their kid and sibling did not die. She chastises Manjiri. Muskaan says you don’t think they’ll be happy forever. Manjiri says, “Enough with the bad words.” Muskaan claims, “I told the truth, Abhinav died because of Abhi, and now Abhi wants to snatch Akshu and Abhir, he will be punished, and Kanha ji will snatch his happiness.” Pandit hands over the prasad and wishes everyone well. Muskaan claims that he has faith in Kanha ji. She walks away. Manjiri receives a phone call. Manish claims that we don’t have time to make plans. Manjiri states, “I have a condition: I don’t want any problems in Abhi and Akshu’s marriage, and Muskaan cannot be a part of it.” Manish is taken aback. Abhir prepares Abhi. I’m tired, says Abhi, and I’m wondering where Mumma is. Akshu appears. Abhi is transfixed. Rishta kya…plays…

Abhir congratulates them. He cracks a joke. Manish requests that Muskaan be forgiven by Manjiri. Manjiri requests that you keep her away as well. Suwarna declares that she will not take any action. Manjiri requests that she write it. Manish inquires, “How can we?” Manjiri says, “I understand Muskaan’s anger and pain, so I kept this condition; what will she go through seeing Akshu and Abhi in mandap, she will be hurt; it will be your decision; just think about Akshu, Abhi, and Abhir; don’t tell this Abhi and Akshu.” Manish says they’ll inquire about Muskaan. Manjiri believes that we must keep Muskaan at bay for the sake of our children’s happiness and future. Abhi marks the mirror with a black dot. Abhir is being ridiculous; mumma is not on video call; she is present. He instructs Abhi to draw a black kajal dot on Akshu. Abhi thinks you look great. Akshu debates whether or not to tell him. She compliments Abhi on his wonderful looks. He expresses gratitude to her.

Dadi wonders how Manjiri can urge us to keep our bahu away. Surekha believes Muskaan’s behavior is deteriorating, that Manjiri’s anxiety is justified, that Muskaan would make Akshu feel guilty, and that Akshu will withdraw from the marriage. Suwarna inquires about Kairav, whether he will support his wife or sister, and whether he will intervene in Akshu’s case. Kairav stands there crying. He leaves. Abhi notices his family dancing. He requests that Ruhi simplify the dance steps. Ruhi instructs Aarohi to call Kairav and inquire about his song list. Aarohi dials Kairav’s number. He smiles and speaks to her. She says I want to inquire about the song list because the songs cannot be the same. He thinks you should ask Surekha. I know you started practicing, she says. He says, “I wish, Muskaan and I have a lot of office work, and I’m afraid we won’t be able to dance in Sangeet; ask Akshu or Surekha for the list.” Abhi answers the phone and inquires, “Are you all right?” Yes, work pressure, nothing else, says Kairav. Manjiri believes Manish discussed Muskaan with Kairav. Abhi inquires, “Are you angry with me?” I don’t want anyone’s heart to hurt. Kairav states simply, you, Akshu, and Abhir are imp, and if you three are happy, no one can have an issue. He lies to them and hangs up the phone. Ruhi believes there is a reason. Abhir tries on Akshu’s jewelry. Manish praises Akshu. Akshu instructs Abhir to go study. Suwarna delegated the jewelry selection to Akshu. As you can see, Akshu is busy. Suwarna says it’s fine, you can look into it later. Kairav and Muskaan arrive with their luggage.
Precap: Dadi suggests we begin with Ganpati puja. Suwarna points out that Manjiri ji stated that Akshu must create the idol. Manjiri agrees. The idol is created by Akshu. She believes a thief has arrived. Abhi walks in via the window. They fight and yell Oye…