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The episode begins with Abhi saying, “You’re not talking about it, so I don’t feel bad,” but Parth can’t do it alone, there is someone involved, he was about to give the name and then changed the subject, I know he can’t do it alone. When a person is upset, he does not need anyone else to damage things, according to Manish. When Abhi notices Akshu taking his phone and laptop, he accuses her of stealing. She claims you won’t be able to sleep all night because of work, so simply go to bed. He appreciates what she has done for her. He suggests that we cease blaming each other. She asks whether we done anything wrong to deserve this, that we are unable to marry. He tosses a coin and instructs her to catch it. She manages to catch it. He explains to her that we don’t have a lot of money and that these challenges are happening to make our marriage more beautiful. She gives a nod. It’s early in the morning, and Akshu is on the phone. Abhi notices Shefali approaching. Akshu hangs up the phone. Shefali thinks, Sorry, I’m going to break your trust right now because I can’t stand how Manjiri is acting. Shefali claims that I came to see her because I was concerned about Abhi. Abhi phones Rohan and inquires about the individual associated with Parth. Aarohi says she thinks Parth will let Rohan investigate, but she should ask Maa because the cheque book belonged to her. He leaves. Akshu inquires as to why you told her. Surekha says she instructed him to rest for his sake, that she had sent Abhi to Manjiri, and that it was up to Manjiri to disclose the truth. Akshu wonders what will happen if Manjiri speaks the truth. Aarohi claims that his heart will break, but that he will be prepared to accept the truth. Manjiri, according to Akshu, should not be blamed. Aarohi claims she committed numerous mistakes; Abhi should know the truth. Although Akshu says no, I believe she will accept this baby. Your heart will break, according to Aarohi. Manish assures Akshu that Manjiri will never tell her the truth. But if Abhi discovers the truth, says Akshu…. According to the waiter, Abhi failed to bring his stethoscope. Manjiri notices it and sobs. Abhi returns home. Manjiri smiles when he sees him. She wonders why he came when Parth hadn’t told him anything. Parth’s remarks come back to Abhi.

He wants to know who arrested me, who filed the complaint against me, who wanted to end my marriage, who sent the police to court, who doesn’t want Akshu and the baby to be together, and who has framed me in the phony fraud case. Manjiri claims that I did. Abhi sobs. She claims that she cannot allow you to marry Akshu because she has filed a false report against you. He wonders how you can do this with your son. In a rage, he hurls the table. He warns you to keep away from me. She says, “I adore you.” He claims that although I fought the world for you, you did the same for me. He likes to toss stuff. She claims she did it for your benefit. He inquires as to what improvement. Abhi says you were my pride and trust; how and why did you do this? Please be quiet and do not say this, she says. He claims that we no longer have any relationship, that you are not my mother, that I am not your son, and that I will never return here. She says no, sorry, and once listen to me. He walks away. She is sobbing as she sits.

This is what Manjiri imagines. She looks around and finds that everything is in order. She claims that she did this for your happiness, and that you would find everything incorrect at first, but that you will comprehend it later. He sobs and walks away. He is sitting on a bench. Akshu arrives and says, “I’m here.” He claims I’ve lost, that I don’t know what to do, and that my mother has put me to jail. He becomes discouraged. She says you are the best son in the world, and you are not alone; I am always with you. They are holding hands. Shefali and Parth are arguing. Dadi prays for Abhi to regain his trust. She sobs. Akshu and Abhi return home. Manish replies, “I know you’re strong, but keep in mind that you can come to me with anything when you’re tired of fighting the world.” Abhi tears as she hugs him. Manish claims that my arms are strong enough to support the children. Suwarna says you have a mother’s lap as well, therefore I’ll feed you with my hands. Kairav claims that I don’t want to complicate our relationship any further. Muskaan says you’ve already considered me your sister; I’m not going anywhere, Bhai ji. She embraces Abhi. Dadi says I’m always there for you. She embraces Abhi. Aarohi says she is always available if you need a friend. Surekha promises that I will become your gym buddy and that we will both become attractive individuals; don’t worry, be pleased. They all embrace Abhi. Abhir and Ruhi approach Abhi and hug him.
Shivu, according to Akshu, looks first. Shivu invites Abhi to his house. A man claims Abhi must pay a price. Akshu notices that Aarohi is in danger. The goon seizes Akshu’s hand.