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The episode begins with everyone noticing Ruhi. According to Aryan, Armaan spoke with Ruhi at Mussoorie. We’ll let him know. They claim he wished to mend Ruhi and Rohit’s relationship. They proceed to taunt Rohit. Where is Abhira, Akshu wonders, since we have no witnesses or evidence? Abhira appears. What was spoken by the driver, Akshu wonders. If Abhira stays silent, the court case would be lost. Everyone snaps pictures of Rohit and Ruhi. Sanjay is asked by Surekha “Why are you worried?” Sanjay says, “I was checking my flight timings; I’m leaving for Mussoorie today.” Nothing like that. Ruhi thinks of Armaan. Manish thinks of Abhira.

Krish gives Armaan a call. Kiara predicts Nanisa becoming enraged. Ryan says we’ll show Armaan Ruhi. Armaan answers the phone. Is Dadi furious with me, he asks? We have a surprise, Aryan says—the new Bhabhi is here. Armaan says, “Show me how they both look; I’m not there.” Be patient, advises Krish. To show Armaan, Krish goes. With a smile, Rohit says, “Bhaiya.” Dadi requests that they begin the rasam. Krish breaks off. I miss Rohit, Armaan says, and I can’t take the chance of upsetting Dadi. I miss you too, Rohit texts him. He converses with Armaan.


Let Rohit keep the phone, Vidya asks. I’m speaking with Bhaiya; he’s not here and he’s really imp. stated Rohit. It’s encouraging to see that you care deeply for your brother, Suwarna says. According to Manish, the older brother is a person’s first friend. According to Rohit, if you had met my brother earlier, you would have formed an alliance for him because he is the finest. He explains, “Ruhi, my parents are worried about me, so I’m getting married first. If you had met him, you would have fallen in love.” Dadi asks Rohit what he’s doing and whether he wants to make rasam. Naturally, Rohit answers “yes.” Everyone chuckles. With a smile, he sees Ruhi. Vidya carries out the Roka rites. Ruhi considers Armaan. She gives Manish a hug. Congrats, says Manish. Dadi suggests that tomorrow we maintain their engagement. Manisha thinks that’s a really smart idea. Dadi claims this decision will be made by someone else. Thank you so much, Manisha says; I really appreciate it. Dadi gives Ruhi the choice.


Say no, Rohit advises, if you’d want. Ruhi gives a nod. Everyone gives a clap. The engagement is tomorrow, Dadi says. Sanjay adds we are here to assist with the planning. Manish says we’ll take care of it. Are you sure, Ruhi? asks Rohit. She gives a nod. Abhira says, “It’s morning, and there’s no witness or evidence.” Where did our car go, Akshu? He adds that courage is also what wins battles. According to Abhira, Shyam stole the car and had to buy veggies. It’s Armaan. I’ve come to take you to court, he says. No need, Abhira responds; we’ll move ahead on our own. Akshu claims he arrived to bring us. As per Abhira, we cannot rely on him. Armaan says, “Please trust me; I didn’t do anything to deserve your trust.” Akshu argues that morals are learned from both parents and teachers; my lessons haven’t faded. She tells him, “I’m proud of you,” and blesses him. This won’t help, Abhira adds; we don’t have any witnesses or evidence, and the case will be lost. Truth, according to Armaan, never loses. I have dropped Yuvraj’s case because I don’t think he can find a competent attorney in a single evening. When they get to the court, Sanjay is there. He receives criticism from Sanjay for betraying his family and career. Armaan claims that they are crooks who have cheated and that our family does not support them. Like father, like son, Sanjay adds, you didn’t learn your lesson after Maasa reprimanded you. Armaan remembers what Dadi said.


Akshu advises against complicating personal matters because it is a legal case. Yes, please stay away from our family business, adds Sanjay. A message reaches Abhira. Don’t get upset; when a girl gets in the way, people go crazy. Don’t worry, though; we’re going to win. adds Yuvraj. Armaan makes fun of his arrogance. He chastises Yuvraj. Sanjay promises to save him, citing his own experience—he hasn’t lost a case yet. You are going to lose the first case of your life, Abhira adds, so brace yourself.


Armaan asks Akshu in the courtroom if Abhira received a message. Akshu says, “I just hope she is safe. I don’t know what proof she got.” Sanjay asserts that Yuvraj is innocent and that they have not shown any substantial evidence against him. Abhira shows up and accuses him of murder. Sanjay advises against lying in court. The court witness, according to Abhira, is saying this. There, she finds a driver. They are astounded to see Kamal. Kamal says, “I wish to revise what I said.” Jagrat claims to have taken ten lakhs, but he doesn’t explain why he now wants to alter his testimony. Kamal claims that while I wasn’t driving, Yuvraj intimidated me and used money to make me accept responsibility. The judge sentences Yuvraj to ten years in prison, finding him guilty of Anurag’s killing. Yuvraj is taken aback. The hearing is over. Yuvraj chastises Kamal, threatening to kill him. He is stopped by Armaan, who tells him he wants to double the sentence. Examiner grasps Yuvraj’s hand. Yuvraj becomes irate and declares, “I’ll see everyone.” You must visit the prison walls for ten years, according to Armaan; you must arrive in 2033. Inspector, please instruct Yuvraj not to see girls, he requests. He is fixated on Yuvraj.




Everyone is dancing at our sangeet, Yuvraj says to Abhira. Dadi said that after marriage, we shall maintain Sangeet. In two days, Ruhi says, she’s ready to get married. Armaan returns home.