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Armaan arrives at the beginning of the episode. Vidya states that Rohit desires to communicate something. She expresses remorse. Armaan embraces her. Dadi requests Rohit to speak. He admits to his forgetfulness and proceeds to go upstairs. Armaan enters the room and notices Abhira’s presence. She argues with him. She reports the presence of a cigarette odor. He adamantly denies that anyone smokes in our household. She engages in humorous banter. He slips over her. They had a moment. Abhira begs him to take the red socks away. He sits to stitch the socks. Its morning, Dadi says our firm won a significant case because of you, you have to win the case. She gives him a toffee. Armaan says sorry, I can’t take this toffee. He goes to Rohit and gets cigarette scent. He thinks Rohit is smoking. He said Rohit helped me acquire the client, he would handle the case. Dadi says you will guide him and support him. He says I will always back him. Rohit says I don’t want this case. Armaan asks why, you believe me, right, I will handle everything.

Rohit becomes irritated and says you don’t talk of trust. Armaan asks what do you mean. Rohit scolds him for spoiling everything. Armaan says you tell me clearly, what happened. Rohit cries and says I don’t want to tell you anything. Armaan says I have asked you something. He stops Rohit. Rohit pushes him and argues. Armaan insists him to say. Rohit says leave my hand. Armaan gets slapped by mistake. Everyone is shocked.

Rohit runs upstairs. Armaan cries. Tera yaar hun mai…plays… They both recall their moments and cry. Abhira goes to Armaan and cares for him. Ruhi delivers a glass of water to Rohit. Rohit says what did I do. Abhira says Rohit punched you by mistake, don’t be furious. Armaan says I m upset, he has a storm in him, I don’t know why he is agitated, I m not able to do anything, I feel so irritated on myself. Ruhi wonders why did you do this. Armaan says Rohit has begun smoking, he is in stress, I have always helped him, today I m feeling so useless, I m not able to help him. Abhira says think what to do next. Rohit comes downstairs. Vidya asks where are you heading. Madhav says listen to me, you have your family, every difficulty will get fixed. Rohit says let me go. He stumbles and a box falls. They all see the cigarette package. Dadi says what’s this, what happened to you, what are you hiding in your heart. She tears and says I think your habits wrong. Armaan comes and claims this my, not of Rohit. Abhira looks on. Dadi scolds them. Sanjay says calm down, your BP will rise high. She says let it happen, my house was a temple, it has become a theater stage now, my bahus and sons do a drama. She shouts on them.

Precap: Rohit says Armaan doesn’t love me. Abhira says you are blessed to receive a brother like him. She wants Rohit to accept his mistake. Vidya scolds her.