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The episode begins with Ruhi telling Abhi not to cry since it is good times and we should dance. You are correct, according to Abhir. They all start dancing. Badhai ho badhai…plays… Muskaan enters her room and closes the door. She screams angrily. She sobs as she sees Abhinav’s photo. She claims that I cannot accept this relationship and that it will never work. Abhi says it’s fine; we don’t have to dance. When Akshu said you could dance, I didn’t say no. They saw Manjiri and Abhir obtaining a large board. Abhi wonders what this is. Manjiri claims it’s your wedding invitation. It’s big, according to Akshu, and the date is next week. Manjiri says she will make the arrangements, and pandit ji has set this day if everyone agrees. They are all in agreement. Akshu approaches Muskaan and says, “You want to go to the office to avoid me.” Muskaan believes you are aware of it. Akshu claims you believe I am tampering with your brother’s recollections. Muskaan responds sure, you forgot about him, what’s the big deal? Akshu says it’s life, it doesn’t stop, we have to move on, I had to move on for Abhir 7 years ago and I’m still doing it for Abhir, if I shut the door and kept crying, you would have asked me to move on, don’t be annoyed with me, Abhir and Abhinav are the reason for this, I will move on, I want to give Abhir a family, and I’m sure Abhinav would too. Muskaan inquires as to why. Take some time to remember Abhir, since Akshu claims he loved him a lot. Kairav observes. Akshu believes that if Abhinav were still alive today, he would not have approved of your living in separate rooms. She walks away. Kairav notices Muskaan and departs.

Abhi and Akshu make their way to the hospital. Rohan and the doctors arrive. Congratulations on your marriage decision, Rohan replies, and we need to throw a party. Akshu accepts the flowers and thanks them, saying, “We will notify you about the party.” Akshu and Abhi talk about their job routines. The man receives tea. When Abhi notices the tea spilling, he places his palm over Akshu’s. The man apologizes. Akshu is concerned about Abhi. Abhi claims that if I hadn’t placed my hand up, your hand would have burned. She turns to face him. Suwarna requests Kairav’s presence because Manjiri is arriving to discuss wedding arrangements. According to Abhir, I have a lot of ideas. Suwarna believes it should be done simply. Abhir suggests that she marry Dadda. They both laugh. Manish believes it should be straightforward. Abhir inquires, “Can’t I call my friends?” Manjiri dismisses the crew. They obtain shagun. Manjiri and his family have arrived. Surekha says all of this… Manjiri claims it’s less, but I got what I could. According to Anand, the wedding would be spectacular. Abhi puts on the ointment. Children’s exams, according to Akshu, are approaching. He says I’ll ask Manjiri to reschedule the wedding. No, she says, we’ll keep things simple. She fastens the bandage. He claims that we will marry in court. Do you think she’s right when she thinks her family won’t agree? Everyone is talking about the wedding plans. This, according to Manish, is excessive. Abhir is sent to play video games by Kairav. Manish believes that marriage should be uncomplicated. What’s wrong with Manjiri saying that Abhi’s happiness arrived after a long time? Dadi comes to a halt in front of Manish and says, “Good is happening, we will celebrate.” Surekha claims that their first marriage was equally beautiful, but it was marred by a mishap. They are all arguing.

Manish prevents Surekha from ruining things. Manjiri returns home. Only marriage, according to Abhi, matters. No, Manjiri says, it will be fantastic. Manish and Suwarna are explained by Dadi. She claims we must read every page of life’s book. Manjiri says I’ll talk about Akshu. Abhi says no, she is anxious about her children’s exams, she wants a simple marriage, and I am content. He leaves. According to Mahima, their relationship is bound by a fragile rope that could snap if you put too much pressure on it. Shefali tells Manjiri that their happiness is important to us. Manjiri gives a nod.

Dadi massages Akshu’s hair with hair oil. I didn’t realize the family would dispute over the marriage, says Akshu. Dadi cracks jokes. She says, “We are your family, this is your wedding,” but Abhi is also becoming a groom, so charge up your life, he will strive to offer you every happiness, what do you want, would you try? Akshu ponders. Dadi tells me that I have to make laddoos for Abhir and his pals; he can’t ask them to his wedding, so he wants to provide something for them; I tell him that I would make laddoos for them. No, says Akshu, we’ll get it from the market. Dadi replies no, that happiness requires hard labor. Akshu is explained by her. Akshu believes I must maintain my pledge to Abhi.

Precap: Dadi suggests we begin with Ganpati puja. Suwarna points out that Manjiri ji stated that Akshu must create the idol. Manjiri agrees. The idol is created by Akshu. She believes a thief has arrived. Abhi walks in via the window. They fight and yell Oye…