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The episode begins with Manjiri demands that you vow to adore Abhi before the baby is born. She debates with Akshu. She claims that Abhi still loves Akshu, despite the fact that he has abandoned his house, company, and even his mother, and that if he makes a sacrifice, what would Akshu give him in return, a compromise, no, marriage is marriage and friendship is friendship, and if my son marries and wants love, I want him to get love, am I wrong? Shefali claims you believe Abhi will be happy if he marries someone else. Manjiri states that if he does not marry Akshu, he will accept that her love was not in his destiny; if she becomes his wife, he will have hope every day; who is the selfish mother in this case, me or Akshu; Akshu loved Abhinav, but she is marrying Abhi for the sake of the children. You can’t keep a condition for this, says Akshu, when I’ll love Abhi and how. Manjiri concludes that this is the end of the matter. No, says Akshu, you are breaking your son’s heart; only when he realizes you have imprisoned him will he return to you. Manjiri responds, “Not today, but later.” Akshu disagrees.

She says I’ll marry Abhi and start a family. Kairav and Muskaan to get Abhi’s supper. Abhi assures them that they need not be concerned. Muskaan chastises him and sobs. Abhi apologizes, thanks, and asks where Akshu is. The inspector says you can take him home because Parth has returned the complaint and there is no need for bail. Abhi has been let free. He claims he wants Parth to explain why he did this. He leaves. Muskaan requests that Kairav contact Mahima. Parth is on the phone with Manjiri. She tells me not to tell Abhi anything. Parth says I’m not going to tell him. Abhi arrives and confronts Parth. Manjiri hears them on the phone. Abhi claims that lying and cheating will not get you anywhere. Parth claims that I am not a liar or a cheater because I did not do this. Akshu says Abhi shouldn’t know Manjiri did this because he went to Parth and who knows what he’ll do if he finds out. Surekha claims Manjiri is making mistakes and that we should remain silent. For his sake, Akshu thinks we must honor his mother. Manish believes she is correct. Surekha wonders how long we can keep this a secret. Abhi inquires, “Who did this?” “Who filed the case against me?” Mahima visits Manjiri. Manjiri hangs up the phone. Mahima explains her position.


She claims that everyone has abandoned us and that Abhi will never return to us. I don’t want him to know this, says Akshu, because if Manjiri harms him, he would cry. Abhi requests that Anand question Parth about the complaint. Parth claims I did it, and since we are brothers, I returned the case. He walks away. Anand says I’ll speak with Parth. Abhi returns home. Akshu does his aarti. Lag jaa gale….plays… He pulls back from hugging her and turns away.


She embraces him. He inquires whether or not everyone slept. Come, she says. Mahima inquires as to where Manjiri has gone, and Abhi is summoned. If Shefali replies no, he may become concerned. Manjiri returns Parth home. Abhi attempts to cut the cake. The knife snaps. Abhir inquires whether there is a problem with the cake. No, says Akshu, the knife is feeble. Muskaan obtains a large knife. Abhi slices the cake. Manish extends his congratulations. Everyone applauds. Shefali becomes enraged upon seeing Parth. She inquires as to what Parth is doing here. Manjiri recalls meeting Parth. Parth packs his belongings and declares, “I’m going home with you.” She inquires as to what. He claims you promised to perform my task. FB comes to an end. Parth is defended by Manjiri. She walks away. Mahima claims that you supported Manjiri in the wrong and got Abhi imprisoned as a result. Parth claims you haven’t judged me in a long time.


Ruhi requests that Abhi consume the cake. Abhi is the clear winner. Surekha instructs him to consume the cake and milk. Abhi attempts to eat the cake. He claims it’s great, and I agree. He enjoys it, according to the youngsters. Ruhi inquires if you would read bedtime stories. Muskaan says, “I’ll tell you,” so let him eat and sleep. Manish invites you to join him for dinner. Abhi says, “I know you don’t want me to feel bad, so you’re not talking about anything.” Suwarna advises him to try to forget about it. He adds I’ll never forget it, but Parth can’t do it alone; someone else is involved.


Abhi questions Manjiri about who submitted the police report and who sought to end my marriage. Manjiri claims that I did. He claims that you are not my mother, and that I am not your son. He walks away. Akshu intervenes.