Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2023 Episode 4266

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The episode begins with Abhira expressing her fears to Akshu about potential harm coming to her mother due to her actions. Akshu reassures her, and Armaan appears, holding proof against Yuvraj. Abhira taunts him, and they discover blood test reports indicating Yuvraj’s guilt. Armaan, furious, confronts Yuvraj, who admits to his actions and expresses his love for Abhira. Armaan disassociates himself from Yuvraj, but Yuvraj remains defiant.

In another scene, preparations for Rohit and Ruhi’s roka ceremony are underway. The family teases Rohit, and Dadi emphasizes the importance of the occasion. Madhav returns home, and family members take care of him. Meanwhile, Armaan decides to prioritize truth over family loyalty and confront Yuvraj, causing a rift with his family.

Ruhi, struggling with her feelings for Armaan, eventually agrees to the alliance with Rohit. As the family gets ready for the ceremony, Armaan realizes the consequences of his actions, and Sanjay scolds him for going against the family. Dadi decides that Sanjay will represent Yuvraj in court, creating tension within the family.

In the resort, Abhira and Akshu discover that the proof against Yuvraj has been destroyed. They worry about the upcoming court case. Sanjay and Vidya argue about Armaan’s actions, and Dadi makes a firm decision. Armaan, feeling dejected, reflects on his choices.

The episode ends with the roka ceremony proceeding, and Ruhi, still harboring feelings for Armaan, contemplates her decision. Armaan, determined to rectify his actions, reaches out to Dadi, who remains upset with him.