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The episode begins with Dadi claiming that Abhi was traveling to Delhi, but Kanha ji sent him back because he wants to bring you three together. Surekha responds, “Akshu, what shall I say now, just think for Abhir, if you think your and Abhi’s union will keep Abhir happy, think about this relationship.” Akshu leaves. Manish says she’s about to make a life-changing decision, so let her go. If she does not agree to marry Abhi, Abhir says… Akshu notices Abhinav’s photo. In her phone, she notices Abhi’s contact. Abhi is available. He expresses gratitude to the inspector. He believes Prashant should not face harsh punishment and that counseling is essential. He hangs up the phone and asks whether anything happened to Akshu or Abhir. He says a prayer. He receives Akshu’s call. He asks why she is calling late at night and if everything is fine. She expresses her want to speak with you. He inquires, “Are you okay, Abhir?” She claims that we are alright. He requests Manish and Dadi. She assures me that everything is great. Yes, he says, and he apologizes. She asks if you can meet me in the morning tomorrow.

He says he’ll come over and find out what’s going on. She says everything is OK and to sleep comfortably. He is concerned and asks whether she wants to accompany Abhir to Kasauli, saying, “I made a mistake by telling my feelings.” It’s early in the morning, and Abhi is at a park. Abhi questions why she didn’t arrive earlier; she is late. Akshu appears. Mahima is available. She inquires as to what and how that is possible. She claims that police have stated that they have no proof against Parth and thus cannot file a case. The kids sing songs over the speaker. Abhi begs Akshu to say something. Akshu reflects on the events of her life. They are bothered by the loud music. I can’t hear it because Abhi speaks it louder. Akshu exclaims, “I was saying we should get married!” Everyone turns to face them. Abhi’s heartbeat quickens. They all cheer and say congratulations, welcome us to your wedding, bring these paper roses from outside, what a cute couple. They leave.

Parth’s error, according to Aarohi, may be seen in the video. According to Mahima, the tape has been removed, and the merchant is to blame. Manjiri claims the merchant also made a mistake. Mahima asks, “What about Parth?” He is equally wrong, he has endangered countless lives, and he should be punished. Anand is correct. Mahima claims, “I have no idea where Parth is; my upbringing has gone wrong.” Manjiri claims responsibility for his actions. Mahima inquires, “What shall I tell Shivu?” Aarohi advises telling him the truth because it will be difficult to inform him afterwards. Shefali explains, “I know you wanted Parth and me to be together, but it’s impossible now.” Akshu suggests that we sit and discuss. Yes, says Abhi. They take a seat.

He inquires as to what you said. She claims I suggested we marry. He inquires as to why this occurred so abruptly. She claims that is not unexpected. He claims you are under family pressure and that you cannot make this decision because of my feelings. She says your feelings are also a reason, but the most important reason is Abhir’s happiness; I had a family, but not my parents; I know that pain; I don’t want Abhir to experience it; I want him to experience mum and dad’s love; I don’t know how we’ll be as husband and wife; I can’t guarantee it, but I can try; time will be required.

He continues, “I know you love Abhinav; I can’t take his place; don’t move on with any guilt; I’ve never seen anyone like him in my life; we’ll never see someone like him again.” She also mentions me. He inquires whether you are certain about the marriage. She agrees, and you… He claims that I have made numerous mistakes that he wishes to correct, and that this is the most important decision of our life. Ye na socho….plays… They depart.

Akshu returns home. She creates a house drawing. She introduces herself as your doctor. He inquires if he has returned home. No, she adds, we’re remaining together. He inquires as to why. She claims that docman and I agreed to you. He gives her a hug and thanks her. I adore it, he says. She gives him a kiss. Abhi receives candy. Manjiri replies, “It’s my favorite barfi, why did you get it?” I’ll keep the chadava, which I eat when my prayers are fulfilled. He then tells you to consume it since your request has been fulfilled. She inquires whether you are discussing your marriage. He mentions Akshu and my marriage. She blesses him with a smile. They embrace. She says a prayer. He believes I am marrying; I hope Akshu is not compromising; it is my obligation to keep Akshu and Abhir happy. The Birlas have arrived at the Goenka residence. They all smile and hug. Khili hai khushiyon… entertains… Manjiri bestows blessings on Akshu. Abhi is blessed by Manish. Muskaan is standing behind Kairav. He inquires whether Aarohi comes from the groom’s or bride’s side. She says, “You will treat me well, groom’s side.” Abhi inquires of Ruhi what she will call Akshu. Abhir appears and yells, “Dadda!” He dashes over to hug Abhi. He says, “I’m calling you Dadda from the bottom of my heart.” Abhi says, “Say it again.” They embrace.
Everyone sings and dances in the prelude. Abhi and Akshu consider keeping their marriage simple. According to Anand, the wedding would be spectacular. Dadi says Abhi wants to make you happy; will you strive to make him happy as well?