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The episode commences with Abhira expressing self-admiration. She descends abruptly. Armaan embraces her. Rohit suggests to Ruhi that she should roll the clothing instead of folding them, as there is space available. Abhira instructs Krish. He states that you will embark on a honeymoon. What will transpire subsequently? Abhira asserts that there is no individual experiencing happiness within your household. Krish insists that you must instruct me as I am apprehensive about our father. Ruhi is located outdoors, away from the residence. Abhira inquires about the reason behind your fear of your father. Krish takes reverse. She instructs him to apply brakes. Krish panics. Abhira says put the hand brake. Abhira yells, Ruhi, move. Ruhi slips and falls down. Krish applies the brakes. Abhira asks are you fine, Ruhi. Armaan comes and gets shocked.

Rohit lifts Ruhi and takes her inside. Everyone cares for Ruhi. Armaan interrupts Abhira and asks how did this happen. Abhira claims I was teaching Krish how to park the automobile. Sanjay scolds Krish. Armaan says thus this happened due of you. He scolds her. Abhira says it was an accident. Krish says Abhira didn’t do… Armaan and Sanjay stop him. Vidya sees Dadi and recalls her comments. She scolds Abhira and orders her to leave.

Armaan says occasionally, you need acknowledge your error. Rohit thinks what was Ruhi doing outside. Armaan tells you go to your room, don’t fight, just go. Abhira recalls his words. She says I won’t, it wasn’t my fault, you asked me to keep my word politely. Armaan shouts go to your room, I won’t say again. Abhira comes to the room and tosses things. She tears and talks to Akshu. She prays for Ruhi. Doctor says there’s a fracture, it will take time to get fine. Rohit says you can tell me about her meds. Doctor says Rohit, you have to take care of her for a few days, it appears like you are harmed, lucky Ruhi.

Dadi asks what, you and Ruhi won’t go on honeymoon. Rohit said doctor stated she will recover in a few weeks. Vidya said we will give her much love and she will be OK. Abhira looks on. Rohit is sad. Manisha says honeymoon is a lovely trip. Rohit advises cancel the trip. Abhira says I will make Ruhi fit and fine shortly. Armaan says Rohit, Vidya is correct, don’t cancel it, we will postpone it, we will go later. Rohit goes to collect medicines.

Armaan says if Ruhi gets fine soon, then we can travel on honeymoon soon. Dadi sees Abhira. Vidya says I said to you earlier, I won’t favor Abhira now, she makes a mistake and then misbehaves. Armaan says I will make everything fine. Abhira cries. Ruhi hears footsteps and says I know is you Armaan, you want to help me, but you are stopping yourself. She goes to see. She sees Abhira. Abhira gets kada for her. Armaan comes and takes Abhira away. He says you have injured her. They dispute. He throws the kada in the plant. He asks her to stay away from Ruhi. She says it was my fault, I believed you will understand, but no, you didn’t learn to see someone else’s truth. She goes. He turns and sees Ruhi. Abhira makes the food. She says I m going in 2 mins. Manisha jokes on her. Vidya stops Abhira and cleans the kitchen. Abhira burns the toast. Abhira brews tea. Manisha says you burnt my hand, my skin is extremely sensitive. Abhira feels horrible and goes. Manisha says look at this. Vidya explains what’s the necessity to do a drama. Manisha feels its better than getting wounded. Manish and Suwarna come. Suwarna scolds Abhira. Manish protects Abhira. Suwarna adds Ruhi is our daughter, her happiness counts the most, Abhira has snatched her happiness. Manish asks what are you saying.

Suwarna warns keep away from Ruhi and her life. Manish folds hands to Abhira. She tears and goes to her room. She plays music. She yells and cries. She asks Akshu to come back. Armaan comes there and calls her out. He stops the loud music. He hears her crying. She says I miss you mumma. He shouts out Abhira. She gets up. He says you will fall down. He holds her.


Rohit says timeout to fear, for Santa is here. Rohit dances. Armaan prays. Ruhi chats to Armaan. Rohit is astonished to hear them.