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The episode begins with Prashant brandishing a gun at Akshu. She shoves him. She sends Abhir inside and closes the door. Prashant tells you to open the door. Never, she says. Abhir says to open the door because his uncle has a pistol. Abhi shows up. Rohan orders him to hurry because Akshu is being held at gunpoint. Mahima notices Abhi. He inquires as to your well-being. She agrees. He says, “Open the door for the cops.” Prashant claims that Abhi loves his son and should understand the anguish of losing the one he loves the most. Abhir is praying. The door is opened by Manish and Aarohi. People rush outside. Akshu believes I’ll lie for Abhir’s sake. She claims Abhi adores her because she is his wife. Abhi appears and observes. She adds if you want to cause Abhi agony, then kill me. Mrs. Abhimanyu Birla, Prashant bids you farewell. Abhi steps in and says, “I’m here, don’t do anything to my family.” Prashant claims, “I assumed you didn’t love your family.” You’re doing this for your son, according to Abhi. Prashant chastises him. Abhi says, “Trust me, I know our family is our responsibility, I understand your helplessness, we want to do everything for a son, but this is not right, person doesn’t understand right and wrong in anger, I’m a doctor, I’m the MD of this hospital, I promise, I will do everything I can to make your son fine.” Prashant claims, “I will not spare you all.” Abhi asks how your son will feel if you are not present when he becomes conscious. Anand lets the cops in through the front door. Think about it, Abhi asks, why are you punishing your son, decisions made in anger make you regret it. Mahima shows the police the way.

Abhi responds, “Trust me, I don’t want you to be sorry,” because every father wants to be a solid role model for his children. He says, “Trust me, I’m a father, and I promise not to let anything bad happen to your son.” The police arrive. Inspector chastises Prashant. Prashant accuses you of lying to him. Akshu is covered by Abhi. Prashant fires a shot. Akshu is taken aback when he sees Abhi. Prashant’s gun is taken away by Inspector. A board has fallen. Akshu is relieved to see Abhi in good health. She pushes open the door. Abhir appears. He embraces them. They depart. Manjiri tells us to go inside since my son is there. Mahima inquires of Rohan, “Did you see Parth?” He declines. Abhi, Akshu, and Abhir emerge. Manjiri embraces Abhi and Akshu. Dadi embraces Akshu. Manish hugs Abhir and asks whether he is well. Manjiri claims that I prayed and that I will light 101 diya in the temple. Dadi confirms that she will prepare sweets for Chadava. Mahima expresses her admiration for Abhir’s bravery. Akshu praises you for your bravery in saving Abhir. She embraces Mahima. The inspector is stopped by Abhi. He claims that Prashant is already being punished and that there is no need for him to be punished more. Kairav inquires, “This man tried to kill you three?” Abhi claims he did it for his son’s sake; we will not press charges against him; he needs proper advice, not punishment; let him stay here for a few days; he will be treated in the psychiatric department. Inspector chastises Prashant. Prashant apologizes and thanks. Abhi says to thank me when I keep my word and your son recovers. Prashant’s son is being treated by Abhi. He says it’s wonderful news and that he’s fine. Prashant expresses gratitude and apologizes. Abhi says you can meet your son later. Mahima inquires, “What did you do?” to which the boy responds, “What was the problem?” Parth, says Abhi.

They return home. Parth is chastised by Abhi. He claims you put the patients’ lives at danger for the sake of money. Parth claims I was unaware that the cylinders had expired. They are at odds. Parth is slapped by Anand. He inquires whether you will kill people for money. He chastises Parth. Aarohi claims Parth committed a crime, that we will file a FIR against him, that we will not back him, that we will face the loss, that Abhi saved Prashant’s son, that Prashant is now silent, that any other patient’s father will not remain silent. Shefali also chastises Parth. Parth believes that money is important and that money earns respect; I have already requested my part. Manjiri requests that he take his portion and put an end to this situation. Parth is warned of Mahadev’s punishment by Abhi. He requests that Parth leave the house. Parth inquires, “Will you make me out, you are the hospital’s MD, not the boss of this house?” Parth is asked to leave by Mahima. She says, “I’m the boss in the hospital, and Manjiri is the boss here; Manjiri and I kick you out of the house and hospital; just leave, wait for the cops; I’ve covered your many mistakes; I can’t tolerate this; I don’t want your shadow to fall over Shivu.” Parth’s bag is passed by Shefali. Parth claims that you’re making me out because of Abhi, and that one day you’ll need me because of Abhi. Abhi closes the door.

Abhir approaches Akshu and asks, “You’re thinking of Docman, right? I was scared and I thought you’d become a star like Papa, but Docman saved you.” Akshu leaves. Manish asks if you’re running away from the truth or your son; he knows the truth, you know the truth, and Abhi is the best for you. Suwarna says, “I believe this now because you and Abhir were alone, and Abhi reached out to you and protected you.” Kairav believes Abhi can fill the role of your life partner and that he deserves you. Muskaan is concerned.

Precap: Akshu suggests to Abhimanyu that they marry. He is taken aback. Everyone sings and dances to Badhai Ho Badhai. Muskaan claims that I am unable to tolerate this relationship.