Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2023 Episode 4233

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The story begins with Shefali checking on Manjiri, who is sleeping. Abhi arrives, and Shefali urges him to hurry. Abhi thinks about his mother and how he’s doing the right thing for himself and his family, seeking her blessings in her sleep. He receives her blessings and kisses her.

Manish and Kairav present bridal attire and have some fun. They suggest that Abhi and Akshu have a fashion show, and everyone enjoys a good laugh. Dadi expresses her concerns, fearing that something might go wrong, but Manish reassures her. Shefali apologizes for the way they had to meet Manjiri. Abhi thanks her for taking care of the family, even though she doesn’t want to be with Parth. Shefali explains that she feels at home with this family, as they supported her against Parth.

Morning arrives, and Aarohi playfully helps Akshu get ready, making her laugh. Kairav helps Abhi get ready, and they share some fun moments. They apply a black dot on Akshu, believing it will protect them from bad luck. The kids decorate the wedding car with stickers, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Manjiri receives a call from Manish, who hopes for her blessings for her son’s wedding. There’s a mix of emotions as Manjiri prays to Kanha ji.

In a surprising turn of events, a thief snatches the mangalsutra from Abhi’s hand and runs away. Abhi and Kairav chase the thief and recover the mangalsutra. The thief reveals that he’s getting married and has no money to buy one, so Abhi lets him keep it.

The family worries about the missing mangalsutra, but they find that Shefali’s gift is the solution. The wedding ceremony begins at the court with dancing and joy. However, in the preview, an inspector arrives to arrest Abhi, creating a new challenge.

The episode is a mix of happy moments, humor, and unexpected twists, making it an exciting story.