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The episode begins with Abhira requesting that Armaan keep the money. She assists Krish in starting the car and drives away. Rohit searches for his t-shirt. He is taken aback when he sees a photo of Ruhi with someone. He snatches the photo and keeps it. Ruhi arrives and stores her clothing in the closet. She inquires as to your well-being, noting that you have been silent since yesterday. He thinks it’s great that my wife noticed me. He leaves. Armaan wakes up from a coughing fit. He takes a drink of water. He notices Abhira has left. He dials her number. Abhira assists Krish with his driving practice. Krish apologizes, saying that he has previously failed the driving exam twice and that he now needs to pass it. She claims it’s fine. If he replies no, his father will become enraged. Armaan is concerned about her. He asks what I’m going to tell the family. Abhira believes you will pass the exam. Krish wonders if Nanisa is aware of this. Stop the automobile, urges Abhira. She takes a seat in the rear seat and declares, “I will hide from the guard, Dadi will not scold you.” He claims that the family is nasty to you, and that even he is rude, so why are you thinking for me? Armaan says I have to go to the police station. Abhira runs into him and falls. He takes her picture and says, “I’ll show it to the cops when you run away.” She tells him not to strive to become my spouse. He claims that you are my responsibility. She claims you lost your affection as a result of my actions; tell me about that chit chick. Ruhi observes. Rohit attempts to clear the image. He claims the man’s face is obscured. He receives a paper heart.

Armaan does not respond and walks away. Rohit sobs, thinking the guy’s name begins with A. Armaan says the tale is ended, so please conclude this discussion here. He looks around and notices Ruhi. Ruhi sobs. He becomes depressed. Ruhi collides with Rohit in the morning. She apologizes, saying, “Your phone broke, and I will fix it.” He responds, “I understand your feelings; don’t feel guilty; tell me if there’s anything else.” No one, she claims, is so understanding. He puts a halt to her. He says I’m used to holding hands, not by right, but because I consider you a friend, I won’t judge you, I promise, I’ll understand your secret, don’t hide anything from me, reveal the truth, or my patience will run out. She says, if you want to know the truth, alright, Armaan and I were in love, now tell me if you can grasp this. Dadi summons her. Dadi exclaims, “Armaan!” Armaan and Abhira show up. Everyone attends. Armaan, you and Ruhi must leave my house immediately, according to Dadi. Rohit sobs. Dadi slaps Ruhi and throws them out. She reprimands them and shuts the door. Ruhi’s imagination comes to an end. She walks away, saying, “I have no secrets.” Rohit claims you don’t want to give our relationship a chance. She sobs, believing I am unable to reveal my truth. She trips on the stairwell. Abhira approaches and takes her hand in hers. She yanks Ruhi. She asks why you were fleeing so fast, if you were crying or if you were harmed. Ruhi claims that I am not sobbing. Share your pain, urges Abhira. Ruhi inquires as to why we are not sisters. Abhira answers yes, thank God, and apologizes for snapping. Ruhi says it’s fine. Abhira inquires, “Did Rohit and you have a fight?” Ruhi claims that I did not spy on you.

Abhira responds, “I want to help you because no one in this house talks well.” She walks away. Armaan hands her the tickets. He claims that it is New Zealand’s honeymoon package. Abhira gives him a look. We have to depart tomorrow, according to Rohit. Abhira says I have to study, so you go by yourself. You don’t want to go, according to Rohit. Ruhi insists that I take Manish to the doctor. Tell Dadi that we have a compromise, not a marriage, adds Abhira. Armaan urges to make an effort because they are trying to accept you. I don’t want to waste time, she says. He claims that going to New Zealand is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You believe I can’t get there on my own, she says. Is Rohit and Ruhi going? He says you can go there and study, and I will help you. Rohit replies no, and I hope they resolve their difficulties during this vacation. Ruhi believes they will not travel. Armaan promises not to bother you. Abhira claims that she is desperate to leave your life. They visit the family. Armaan and Rohit agree to chat first. Armaan says Abhira wants an international roaming sim card; I’ll speak with your agent. Dadi responds, “All right, Rohit, what do you want to say?” Ruhi, says Rohit… Ruhi says I should go shopping for the trip, should I? Rohit gives her a peek. Armaan prepares the luggage. Abhira is sitting and studying. Armaan inquires as to when you intend to pack. Later, Abhira says. We have a flight in the morning, he asks. She claims there is plenty of time. Don’t do anything wrong, he says. She protests. He attempts to shut the bag. She is sitting on the bag. He claims it will snap. She unzips the bag. Ruhi is attempting to pack her backpack. Rohit observes.

Abhira requests that Krish practice parking. Ruhi is injured and falls. Armaan observes and chastises Abhira. Abhira objects.