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The episode begins with the man saying, “Call Abhi, or his son will be gone today.” It is not Abhir’s fault, and Akshu and everyone ask him to stop. The man says I want my son back, otherwise Abhi will not find him. Aarohi claims he is not present. Call him, said the man. Aarohi summons him. Put it on speaker, says the man. Akshu warns Abhir to be cautious. Don’t act smart, said the man. Akshu implores him to leave Abhir alone. Aarohi claims Abhi is unavailable and advises her to leave the youngster alone. He advises to call him right away. Akshu has a thought. She takes the spray and gestures to Abhir. Abhir shuts his eyes. Please leave my son, pleads Akshu. She squirts into that man’s eyes. She chooses Abhir. The man wonders who did this. He fires a shot. They all crouch. Manish adopts Akshu. Abhir is taken by Aarohi. Abhir, says Akshu. The man goes to clean his eyes. He becomes enraged. He closes the door and removes the key. He says you can’t get away now. Manish assures us that Aarohi is safe with Abhir. No, Akshu, let me go to him. Abhir is on his own. Anand inquires about Abhir’s whereabouts. Aarohi claims he was left behind. She goes to investigate. Abhir summons Akshu and Aarohi. Abhi is waiting for the signal. A Peer Baba comes up to you and begs for money. Abhi hands him cash. The man blesses him and takes his hand in his. Abhi says, “Please let go of my hand, I have to go.” The stranger tells you to return because your family is in danger and you must help them or you will lose everything. The man leaves. Abhi is concerned.

The man runs into Abhir at the hospital. Akshu approaches and strikes him. She instructs Abhir to flee. Anand instructs you to go to the CCTV room and check for Abhir. Aarohi says I’ll contact the cops. Anand says I’ll let the cops in through the rear door. Akshu searches for Abhir. She tells the girl not to be concerned. She walks away. The man summons Abhir and invites him to come out.

Rohan examines the CCTV. He inquires as to who is in the vicinity of the orthopedics. Mahima refers to myself. Rohan tells him to hurry because Abhir is approaching. Manish and Aarohi assist the community. Rohan tells Anand to hide because Prashant is approaching. Anand takes off. Prashant invites Abhir to join him. Everyone, including Manjiri, arrives. They are stopped by the police. Manjiri says there’s a back door, which I can take you to. Manjiri is consoled by Shefali and Suwarna. Kairav says I’m free to walk inside; please let me in and give me a bulletproof jacket. Surekha responds, “No, have faith; no one will go inside; they will face the enemy.” Akshu notices Abhir. Prashant stands in the middle. She gives Abhir her signature. Abhir goes into hiding. She prays and considers how to contact Abhir. Prashant says, “Come to me, uncle; don’t be afraid.” Don’t touch my son, says Akshu. A siren is heard. Mahima appears and requests that Abhir rush to her. Abhir rushes over to her. They flee. Prashant is following them. Akshu pursues them. He finds Mahima and tells her that you will die first because you performed my son’s surgery. Mahima instructs Akshu not to arrive. Akshu rams a stretcher into him. She hugs Mahima and praises her for saving Abhir, then goes to phone the police. Rohan phones Abhi and requests that she answer the phone. He has left a message. Abhir is terrified. Prashant is capturing Akshu. He says he’ll call his father. Please leave him, she pleads. He swears he’ll leave you all after he’s killed. No, she replies, please leave me alone. Abhir replaces a tyre on his automobile. He receives messages and missed call notifications. He claims that the network has been restored. He double-checks the message. He claims there is a hostage scenario in the hospital, Akshara, junior, and everyone… He is taken aback. Akshu yells Abhir and recalls his memories. She punches Prashant and summons Abhir. Prashant apprehends her and the two argue. He raises the gun and points it at her.

Precap: Akshu and Abhir attempt to flee. Kill me, says Akshu. The man claims I will murder his son. She claims Abhi adores her because she is his wife. The police arrive and apprehend the man. Abhi watches and runs to Akshu. The man fires a shot.