Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2023 Episode 4232

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The episode begins with Abhi noticing that Akshu is missing. Akshu addresses everyone and reveals that Abhi left his job for her sake. She requests their help in finding him a new job. Kairav offers to talk to the dean of the city hospital. Suwarna reassures Akshu, but Manish disagrees with the idea of the city hospital. Akshu meets the dean, and he assures her that Abhi will get the job, but she doesn’t want him to. She offers him a deal to ensure Abhi doesn’t get the job.

Abhi returns home and meets Abhir and Akshu. He lies to Abhir, who wants to go to the hospital the next day. Akshu suggests Abhi rest, but Abhir insists she eats her soup. Abhi questions why she’s not eating it, and she hides the bowl, telling Abhi she’s fasting. He prays for a job, and she hopes their plan works.

Kairav sees kids eating treats and gets hungry. Manish tells him not to look at them. Kairav mentions how he can smell the delicious food, and Abhi teases him about marrying Muskaan. Akshu hopes Abhi will get his dream job. Manjiri writes a check and Shefali notices, asking why she’s giving it to Abhi. Manjiri lies and says it’s an old check.

Mahima and Aarohi arrive, and Mahima apologizes to Abhi, asking him to return to Birla Hospital. She admits her mistake and promises that no decision will be made without his approval. Abhi agrees, and everyone is happy. It’s revealed that Parth lost a deal, and Mahima realized the importance of Abhi. Abhi thanks Mahima, and Manish, Kairav, and Akshu are delighted.

Abhi learns about their surprise and is moved. Everyone celebrates, and Abhi and Akshu see the moon together.

At night, Abhi and Akshu discuss their upcoming marriage and moving to a new house. Abhi is nervous about the changes in their lives.

In the preview, Abhi and Akshu exchange garlands, and Manjiri plans to stop their marriage. An inspector arrives to arrest Abhi.