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I need to talk to Ruhi, Armaan says at the beginning of the episode. When Abhira phones Akshu, she tells him to answer and asks if Yuvraj has done anything wrong. The phone of Armaan is charging. Once more, Abhira phones Akshu. He notices that his phone is on. As the automobile approaches, he applies the brakes. You’re noticed, Armaan and Abhira shout at each other. She notices the ding in her vehicle. They get into a fight. She smiles, understanding Akshu’s message. He understands Dadi’s words. They keep debating. Their way is followed. Ruhi answers Manish, “Why did you go to your room?” I was really exhausted, adds Ruhi. You had consumed ice cream at night, according to Surekha. Ruhi humor. Her pal claims, “I called you a lot.” Who phones back at three in the morning, asks Ruhi? Suwarna queries you about your date’s events. Ruhi explains, “That guy is understanding. It’s tough to handle your properties. It got cancelled.” She also mentions, “I had some work in the office.” What Suwarna is eating, she asks. A call comes in for her. Maintain a balance between business and personal life, Manish advises as he answers the phone. Abhira claims that Champa informed her of Yuvraj’s attorney. She describes Champa. We need to find out who he is, she says. Akshu asserts that it is irrelevant. The person’s strengths and weaknesses should be known, according to Abhira. Regarding the scratch, Akshu inquires. The family that had arrived, Abhira says, is not my fault. Akshu queries whose fault it is and who took this car. Says Abhira, I took it. Akshu gives her explanation. She apologizes, but we need to gather witnesses and evidence for the case. Abhira gives a nod. Akshu leaves. Abhira replies, “We need to know their lawyer, and I’m sure he’s even more repulsive.” Thanking Sanjay on the phone, Jagrat promises to give Armaan the truth. No, Armaan has values, and if he fights the case, you will win; he will fight if he believes you are innocent, Sanjay advises. Don’t make this mistake, hide the truth. Jagrat replies, “I get it.”

Armaan talks with the chauffeur. The motorist claims to have been intoxicated after spotting Yuvraj. Armaan asks Yuvraj a query. Yuvraj is also dishonest. Give me your phone, Armaan says. I want to see how much money is in your bank account. He and Jagrat argue. You people are not wrong, he replies, then hand me the phone. Sure, Jagrat says, hand over the phone. Armaan answers his phone. Jagrat claims, “I transferred money ten minutes ago; I’m not sure if it’s in his account.” Armaan elucidates these. I apologize; your account contains your hard-earned pay. The driver looks at the received message of 10 lakhs. Do something, Yuvraj orders; the opposition is trying to use me to take over his job; a man died; they are using him for political gain; humanity is gone; could you please do me a favor? The police have advised us not to speak with Anurag’s family; please speak with them; we are prepared to assist them. Armaan responds, “All right, let me speak with their attorney.” Akshara Sharma says, “Yuvraj.” How will I find out who that lawyer is, asks Abhira? Armaan adds, “I can’t trust him. I want to see his financial history. Check his account and his family’s account.” Concerning Yuvraj’s case, reporters question him. I have to find out who this voice is, says Abhira. She strikes Armaan with a stone. He pivots. She says, Kanha ji, why did you send him?

Ruhi discusses Armaan with her friend. I can’t break my family’s heart, she says. Her friend tells her, “Okay, you see the truth, he doesn’t value you, he didn’t come on his first date.” No, Ruhi responds, “I can see the love in his eyes.” Are you prepared to wait for him always, her companion asks? I can’t forget him, says Ruhi. She claims, “Armaan loves me, he’ll call me,” but why would he set up the lovely date if he didn’t want to meet me? Armaan arrives at his lodging. I’ll speak with Ruhi, he says. When Sanjay phones, he wants to know if he met Yuvraj and Jagrat. Yes, Armaan replies, I need to locate evidence. According to Sanjay, the motorist has admitted to causing the collision, and the investigation is closed. We have to find out if Armaan is telling the truth or not. We have to win this lawsuit at all costs because Maasa also wants it, says Sanjay, who felt as though he was speaking with Madhav. Yes, Armaan answers. Sanjay queries who represents them. Akshara Mam says Armaan. Sanjay predicts that you will easily defeat her. No, Armaan replies; she’s a capable attorney. Is Armaan pursuing Yuvraj’s case, Akshu queries. Abhira responds, “No, he’s mean, he acts nice, but he’s bad, he’s not like you.” There, they notice Armaan.

What’s up, Akshu asks. I’m good, he says. She apologizes for her remarks. He and Abhira argue. She is asked to enter by Akshu. Abhira leaves. Armaan is asked by Akshu, “Did you have any work? It’s pointless that you came here. I can’t discuss about this case.” Armaan says, “You taught me this.” She says, “If I lose to my student and they have the truth, but you don’t have the truth, then I will think I won.” When Dhaniram and his men arrive, he says, “I’m happy that you are teaching Jagrat a lesson.” Armaan, Akshu says we’ll meet in court. Armaan observes and mulls over Yuvraj’s remarks.

Armaan retires to his lodging. I’ll give Ruhi a call, he says. The CCTV footage is given to the man. Armaan watches the video. What could possibly go wrong, he asks, for Akshara Mam to contradict the truth? When he phones, he adds, “I want the legal history of Jagrat and Yuvraj.” Akshu identifies Abhira. Abhira gets ready for the legal proceeding. Akshu observes. Abhira is shaken after telling about Yuvraj. Akshu walks over to hold Abhira.

Please don’t touch me, Abhira yells. I’m Akshu, your mother. Don’t be afraid; you wanted to be a lawyer and would testify in court. I apologize for not understanding how difficult it is for you to remain here. Abhira says, “I want justice for Anurag, I feel afraid for you, and I’m afraid of defamation,” which is why she doesn’t want to travel to Delhi. Akshu says Yuvraj and his father will now be afraid; they will utilize this fear as a power.

In the morning, Yuvraj, Jagrat, and Armaan arrive at the court. They notice Akshu. How are you doing, Yuvraj asks Smita? Do you need anything? He gets reprimanded by Akshu. When Yuvraj sees Abhira, he smiles and makes a heart symbol. He leaves. Let Abhira fill out the form, Akshu asks. Armaan says, “I’m asking your blessings to fight with you, bless me to fight fairly, I win when my word is true.” He claims that you have always desired your students to surpass you. Abhira gives a nod. According to Armaan, if you bless me, I’ll believe you’re with me. I bless you, Akshu says, whether I’m here or not, truth should always be at your side, justice should triumph, and best wishes to whoever prevails. She leaves. He considers phoning Ruhi. He and Abhira argue. He asserts, “I’ll win this case.” She claims that you will lose the lawsuit, which will seriously damage your once-vibrant career. She flings ink from the pen at him. He becomes enraged. He makes the ink clean. He says, “Kamal is operating the vehicle; I have the proof.” This tape may be phony, according to Akshu. Kamal is called to the witness box by Yuvraj. According to Akshu, many individuals have become powerless due to wealth and influence; therefore, a person who upholds the truth is a rare gem. I was driving, Kamal claims. That’s all, Armaan says; the case is closed. No, Akshu responds, “I have an eye witness; one cannot deny the eye witness.”
Recap: When Armaan finds out that Madhav was shot, he is shocked. Armaan is saved by Abhira. I’m ready to wed Rohit, says Ruhi.