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The episode begins with Abhira sobbing. Suwarna declares, “Vidya ji, we will end this fight here.” Sanjay claims that Manish instigated it, that we lost because of him, and that he is now attacking us. Manish becomes enraged at him. Manish ji, remember you are the girl’s family, says Dadi. She comes to a halt in front of Ruhi. Manish says we’ll remember, and you should remember that Ruhi is now your responsibility. He walks away. Ruhi sobs. Dadi yells and pulls Ruhi to a halt. Manish comes to a halt and turns to look at Ruhi. He sobs as he sees Ruhi and Abhira sobbing. Goenkas and his guests depart. Armaan and Rohit return home and observe. Abhira becomes enraged and confronts Armaan.

She describes Ruhi as “perfect bahu,” despite the fact that Dadi was unpleasant to her and Ruhi was sobbing a lot. Ruhi dials Manish’s number. Armaan tells Abhira to relax. Sanjay has misbehaved with Manish, says Abhira. Rohit notices Ruhi sobbing. He recalls her comments and walks away. Armaan inquires as to why you are concerned about Ruhi and Manish. Abhira states, “I have an attachment to Manish; go tell your family to vent their rage on me, not on Ruhi and Manish.” Ruhi delegated Manish’s care to Suwarna.

She apologizes and hangs up the phone. Armaan has arrived to apologize. She chastises him. I can’t leave Ruhi alone, according to Rohit. He approaches her. Ruhi claims that I did not fall in love with Rohit because your family is bad, your every promise was a deception, and your love just brought tears to my eyes. They turn to see Rohit approaching. Krish appears and requests that they arrive immediately. Everyone is discussing the incident. Sanjay, according to Armaan, has insulted Abhira, Ruhi, and Manish. Abhira observes from a distance. Armaan asks Dadi if Sanjay should apologize to Manish. Manoj says, “I believe…” Dadi inquires if I solicited your opinion. She asks Vidya what she wants and whether Armaan’s demand is correct. Vidya claims that Manish is Ruhi’s Parnanu and that he is older than us. I agree with Armaan that Sanjay should apologize to Manish. Abhira and Ruhi exchange a kind smile. Dadi informs me that I have decided that Sanjay will apologize to Manish. Sanjay becomes enraged and leaves. Dadi requests that everyone take a break.

Everyone leaves. Ruhi takes Armaan’s hand in hers. He is concerned and glances about. She greets Armaan and says, “Thank you for supporting me and Manish.” He claims you’ll be fatigued, so go relax. He leaves. She says, “I know I’m the most important person for you.” He notices Abhira dozing off. He apologizes, saying that he violates Akshara’s trust every day. Abhira takes his hand in hers. He takes a look at her. She expresses gratitude for your assistance to Ruhi, Parnanu, and me. He inquires if you were sleeping. She says, “Welcome, you began fighting.” He claims I was not fighting. She claims that you, like that chit chick, don’t tell me anything. He questions your authority to do so. Keep your attitude at bay, she says. What did I do? I told you about my past, so I asked you. He believes you should respect people’s privacy, and he’s going to bed. She becomes enraged and falls asleep.

Rohit claims that you could have ended the marriage: “Why did you marry me when there was no love, why did you break my heart, God knows who that guy is.” Abhira sobs as she recalls Akshu. Rohit notices Ruhi dozing off. He considers checking Ruhi’s phone. Armaan and Abhira pretend to sleep. He leaves. Rohit comes to a halt and asks, “What was I going to do?” Abhira claims that no one speaks to her and that her mother abandoned her.

Rohit reflects on his marriage to Ruhi. He takes down the decorations. Armaan approaches and stops him. The cable gives them an electric jolt. Armaan inquires as to what is the situation. Rohit asks whether you can forget about the chit girl and focus on Abhira. Armaan sobs and adds, “No, this isn’t your pain; tell me about it.” Rohit believes I am unable to inform him that you and Ruhi have lost your love. He says, “This is my problem; tell me, can you forget that girl?” If Abhira loves you, what will you do? Will you give your marriage a chance? According to Armaan, one cannot be happy with a broken heart, so Abhira and I will not fall in love. You can’t forget about that girl, according to Rohit. Armaan says it’s not in my fate, there’s no point in thinking about it, and we should make do with what we’ve got. He sobs.

Sanjay, Kajal, and Vidya arrive at the Goenka residence. Sanjay recalls speaking with Dadi. Dadi thinks a girl can never forget her Maayka’s insult, therefore she should apologize and move on. Sanjay expresses regret to Manish. Vidya apologizes as well. Manish assures him that this will not damage Ruhi. Ruhi, according to Vidya, is also our daughter. We pledge not to tell Kajal anything if she says she is Maa’s favorite. Suwarna invites them to eat. Sanjay thinks we should go right away. They depart. Surekha believes it was best that he did not go. Abhira irrigates the plants. Armaan notices her and tells her that if she continues to study like this, she will be able to write songs. He summons her. He unplugs the Bluetooth. She throws water at him. He wonders, “What is this, gardening, music, study, and misbehavior all at once?” She claims that us girls multitask. Stop shredding pages from my diary, he says, and take this notebook. She enjoys it. She hands him 200 rupees. He inquires as to what this is. It’s Laxmi ji, she says, take it, it’s for a pen and a notebook. He replies I can purchase it for you. She claims you aren’t really my husband.

Precap: Rohit sees some paper hearts. Armaan chastises Abhira for Ruhi’s mishap. Vidya requests that Abhira go. Abhira declines.