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The episode begins with Akshu recalling Abhir’s statements. Aarohi appears and inquires as to why you did not consume ghewar and what you were thinking. Akshu wonders if I’m being selfish. Aarohi adds that whatever we do for our children, we have to think about ourselves as well. I won’t force you, but I will ask you a question: what life do you want for Abhir and yourself in 10 years? I don’t want to marry, says Akshu, but I can’t see Abhir upset; he wants a family, as does Abhi…. I’ll make you some tea. Aarohi comes to a halt and says, “Complete the matter.” Akshu remains silent. Aarohi says, “I don’t care about tea or ghewar, but my sister, tell me, I couldn’t become a good sister, I want to become now, and I won’t leave you alone to worry about what Abhi did.” Don’t make me do it, says Akshu. Aarohi inquires as to what he did. Abhi, according to Akshu, adores me. Aarohi is taken aback. The phone rings. They see Manish in the background.

Manjiri wonders how this is possible. He informs me that I must travel to Delhi for a few days. She claims you must not miss Abhir’s football game. He believes it’s critical that I go. She inquires as to why you are fleeing, whether for employment or for personal reasons. He doesn’t say anything. She claims you both refused to marry; did you speak with Akshu? He tells me not to become a detective, but to pack my stuff and send it. Akshu states, “I want to make it clear that the feelings are from Abhi’s side, not mine,” and that he will not meet Abhir’s desire. Manish claims, “I’m not saying anything; I’m just seeing.” He has witnessed my children’ upbringing, their dreams breaking and new ones emerging. He becomes emotional.

He claims that you married Abhinav for Abhir’s benefit, and that you gave him a family without his asking. According to Akshu, Abhinav became his father before I became his mother. He claims he loved you a lot even when you didn’t love him, but then you fell in love with him, and time ran out. Now your happiness and love are calling you; don’t make the same mistake. She declines. Aarohi suggests speaking with Abhi rather than fleeing; there will be a solution. A man attacks the ward boy and demands to know how my son fell into a coma. He notices Mahima and chastises her. Anand and Parth intervene. A man raises his hand. Parth chastises him. The man claims your mother is not a doctor and is a fake; question her how someone can go into a coma following surgery for a minor injury. The man is taken by the guard. Mahima becomes concerned. Anand inquires as to what transpired. Mahima adds, “I don’t know, I was assisting Dr. Kapil, we gave the kid oxygen, and he went into a coma.” Parth believes the child went into a coma as a result of the new oxygen cylinder. Abhi believes it is appropriate to flee from here. Akshu arrives and says, “Aarohi was correct; I need to talk to Abhi and figure out a solution.” She rushes to Abhi’s cabin after asking for him. Abhi feels I should go; sorry Abhir, I won’t be able to attend your football game; best of luck. He walks away. Akshu walks inside the cabin and says the nurse told him he’d be there. She doesn’t see him leaving. Manish claims Akshu went to see Docman. Abhir says, “Mumma and Docman will marry, we will plan another surprise, we will go to the hospital, and you will take a picture of our family.” Dadi beams. Manish invites Abhir to change and come with him. Suwarna questions why you are giving Abhir false hope. Manish claims that Akshu went to see Abhi. She claims to have gone to say no to Abhi. Dadi claims she went to say yes this time. Suwarna claims that she went to say no to marriage. He claims she will say yes, but she is not prepared. Abhir appears and says, “I changed my shoes, please come.” We’ll go, says Manish. Abhir advises him to hurry up. Manish and Abhir go away. Akshu requests Abhi. I didn’t see him, according to the doctor. She considers calling Abhi. She claims I left my phone in the car. She runs into someone. She notices a girl conversing with her mother. Before heading to OT, the nurse claims she has a major surgery and would like to hear a music. Dadi is praying. The winds cause the diya to flicker. Dadi is concerned. Abhi notices Akshu singing. He says it’s impossible, it’s only my imagination, she won’t come to see me here, I’m crazy. He is sitting in the automobile. The girl expresses gratitude to Akshu. He asks, “Akshu, are you here?” She requests Abhi from the nurse. The man inquires as to the whereabouts of the MD. I’m not sure, replies the nurse. MD, according to the man, cannot survive. He prepares the gun. The automobile is driven by Abhi. Manish and Abhir arrive. Akshu inquires as to what you two are doing here. The man notices Abhi and Abhir’s photo. He recognizes Abhir and claims to be Dr. Abhimanyu’s son. Manish claims I came in for a checkup. I can’t tell you anything, says Akshu, but I’ll take Abhir’s class. She notices the man holding the gun. She invites Abhir to accompany her. Manish and Abhir both notice the man. The man fires a shot into the air. They are taken aback.

Precap: Akshu and Abhir attempt to flee. Kill me, says Akshu. The man claims I will murder his son. She claims Abhi adores her because she is his wife. The police arrive and apprehend the man. Abhi watches and runs to Akshu. The man fires a shot.