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The episode begins with Manish joking. Suwarna claims that Akshu has several inadequacies and that a healthy diet is essential. Akshu thinks I’ll be OK. Suwarna says we’ll be OK; leave it to us. Muskaan, according to Akshu, got the mehendi cones. Suwarna says your wedding will take place after the Karwachauth fast. Surekha inquires about the groom’s whereabouts. Abhi arrives. Kairav predicts that you will live for 100 years. Abhi inquires whether there is any occasion. Manish says Karwachauth is tomorrow; my wife would have kicked me out. They both laugh. Muskaan requests that Akshu break his fast. She claims you’re frail, and the reports aren’t good. Abhi says she is correct; I don’t believe you are fasting for me because fasting is forbidden. They’re all saying we’re with Abhi. According to Abhi, I am the son of this house. You should listen to me, according to Akshu. He claims that they adore me and that once you become my wife, no one will inquire about you. Aarohi arrives.

Akshu and Abhi disagree. Aarohi believes Akshu learned of Abhi’s resignation. She claims that something went wrong with Abhi and that he is not to blame. Abhi comes to a halt and signs her. They step aside. She wonders why you didn’t inform Akshu. Abhi claims that because he lacks a home and a job, no one will marry him. She says she’s going to marry you. He says he doesn’t want to fight for her. She claims that Abhinav did not have a decent chance, that you performed your responsibility, and that it is simple to flee from this position.


He asks her not to tell Akshu anything. She replies, “Fine.” Akshu enters and inquires. They make excuses and leave in front of Akshu. Mahima and Manjiri begin to argue about Abhi. Shefali requests that they cease. Manjiri sobs, “My son left the house and the hospital; will he have to rely on Akshu now that he hasn’t returned home?” Mahima adds, I’m telling this for your benefit, can you live without Abhi for the rest of your life, call her back, leave your rage, their wedding is the day after tomorrow. Manjiri says, “How did I forget, Abhi will become Akshu in just 24 hours.” She walks away. Shefali asks if I should go deliver this sargi to Akshu. Abhi dreams of being accepted into a prestigious hospital. Akshu appears and informs you that it is 4 a.m. and you have arrived. He claims I was at work. She claims that because I was hungry, Aarohi went to make something. Make some extra, suggests Abhi. Everyone brings their sargi plates. Muskaan requests that Kairav break his fast. Manish claims Kairav goes to the gym and can keep the fast. She says she won’t mind if you don’t fast. Kairav claims that I intend to keep the fast. Suwarna claims I did not awaken Dadi. Muskaan receives the sargi from her. Abhi apologizes for not being able to provide you with sargi and family. According to Akshu, you are his family, and you have given him bravery, faith, and hope. Akshu’s sandwich is delivered by Aarohi.


Shefali is accompanied by Sargi. Abhi inquires, “Did mum come?” Surekha believes Manjiri will still visit. He invites Manjiri inside. Shefali claims she did not attend. Akshu says, “Shefali got the sargi, my festive is finished, everything is fine.” Shefali orders the sargi for her. They both smile. Manjiri considers Akshu. She sobs, saying that Akshu can never forget Abhinav and go on, that a person can’t love two people, and that Abhi doesn’t realize that one can’t reject someone’s memories.


It’s morning, and Akshu requests that the servant summon the children. Servant receives the meal and informs Abhi that he is not hungry. She asks what happened to him, if he fasted for me, and why would he. She remembers his remarks. Abhi arrives. Akshu offers him sweets and departs. She believes I will not allow you go hungry because of me. He inquires if you have any food. She agrees. He believes you are lying. She believes you kept the fast. He replies no, but you can prove it. She says you have to prove it first, and then we’ll eat it together. No, he adds, you can cheat. She declines. I don’t trust you, he says. They finish the sandwich. He walks outside and spits his lunch. She spits it out as well. He regrets concealing the truth; you are important to me, and I will always keep this fast for your long life. She apologizes, but I kept the fast for your long life.


Abhi conducts the interview. He claims I simply wanted to try out different options. The man claims he will notify you. Akshu takes Abhi’s file and says, “He needs this file; I’ll go get it for him.” Aarohi requests that Mahima not dismiss Abhi and instead follow Parth’s plan. Mahima has stated unequivocally that this VIP hospital would be built. Akshu arrives and calls Abhi. She claims she came to deliver the file to you. He claims I’ve emerged from the house. He hangs up the phone.


Mahima says, “You know Abhi is imp for the hospital and you, he’s looking for work, he’s lying to Akshu, call him back, and cancel this deal.” Akshu is taken aback when he hears this. She sobs and says, “He left the house, and now he’s in the hospital, and I can’t help him.” Abhi conducts another interview. Akshu approaches and observes. Abhi adds, “My kids and family are my priority; sorry, I can’t join if you can’t give me leave.” Akshu believes you are favoring children. The waiter approaches him and requests that he place an order. Sorry, Abhi, you can have sandwiches and cold coffee for the crew, I’m on a fast, just keep a watch on my things, I’ll just come. Akshu hides and believes I can’t approach him till he tells me this himself. He leaves. He remembers the ring and looks up to see Akshu.



If you have an issue, you must leave the hospital, according to Mahima’s board resolution. Abhi departs. Akshu is concerned and hears the truth.