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The episode commences with Dadi expressing that the outfit in question was not bestowed upon Abhira. Abhira expresses her discomfort about wearing a saree. Dadi mocks her. Abhira asserts that these garments are not peculiar; rather, they are distinct as they belong to my mother. Armaan asserts that this is an integral part of our cultural heritage. Madhav insists that you must meet my senior. Please come. Vidya reports that Manish has arrived. Ruhi reunites with her relatives. She embraces Manish. Manish asks about Abhira. Vidya invites them to come. Rohit asks what happened, Ruhi, come. Ruhi signs nothing. Abhira says I m going in a year, don’t introduce me. Armaan asks what shall I do. Abhira says I shall hide from everyone. He wonders who will provide you food. She adds I can’t hide then, thanks for backing me in front of Dadi. He says its okay. She asks him to talk about that little chick. She says you and your GF can’t unite because of me, at least talk about her. Armaan goes and thinks of Ruhi. Ruhi approaches and asks how do I look. He says good. She asks is there anyone in your heart. He says there is nothing between Abhira and me. She says let me remind you, she will disappear from your life in a year. He responds yes, you remember you are my brother’s wife now. She says you look handsome. She applies the black dot on him. He worried and glances around. Suwarna looks on.

Sanjay replies I will display my face Maasa and leave. He sees Manish and gets angry. Surekha asks is everything fine. Kajal answers sure, he has to make an urgent call. Kiara and Charu compliment Abhira. Manisha comes and wards off Abhira’s bad sight. She feels the saree was superior. Kiara says I know mum likes you. Abhira thinks I m a guest here for a year, I have no problem. Manish says I couldn’t meet Abhira. He turns and sees Abhira.

He recalls Akshu. He says Akshara. Abhira hears this and turns. Rohit says its time for pair dance. Armaan says no. Everyone insists. Surekha asks Ruhi what happened, start the dance. Ruhi and Rohit, Armaan and Abhira dance. Tu jo naina….plays… Ruhi thinks they have no tune. Armaan says relax, just follow me. They dance well.

Everyone smiles. Ruhi thinks of Armaan. She stares at them. Rohit holds Ruhi. Ruhi runs away and gets hurt. Armaan runs to her. He grips her foot. She cries. He does the assistance and sprays the pain alleviation. Ruhi feels he worries a lot about me. He claims you will be OK. Suwarna and Ruhi had a conversation. Ruhi says I m happy. Rohit claims Ruhi isn’t happy with me. Rohit comes to his room. Suwarna argues. Ruhi says I love Armaan. Rohit says I have to talk to Ruhi. Ruhi says he is the love of my life, I can’t forget him. Rohit is shocked. He leaves. The vase falls. They go out and notice the broken vase. Suwarna says it’s a terrible sign if glass breaks. Rohit cries and thinks of Ruhi. Armaan goes after Rohit and stops him. He asks where are you going, did someone say something, did you argue with Ruhi, you know, I can’t see tears in your eyes, tell me what happened. Rohit thinks what to say, Ruhi loves someone else and I don’t know his name. He says its okay, I have some work, no one will care if I go. Armaan says Ruhi will care. Rohit says no. He sits in the automobile. Armaan says don’t go, talk to me. Rohit says I want time out from this mob. Armaan sits in the car. He hands the car keys and asks him to drive. Abhira looks for Armaan. She hears Sanjay talking about the case. She gives her inputs. Sanjay claims its not a school’s play. She shows a demo and smiles. She claims its so simple. The men compliment her and say we can win the case, we didn’t realize she is a great lawyer. Sanjay exclaims she isn’t a lawyer, she has no law degree. Everyone looks on. Sanjay wants Abhira to display her degree, how many instances did she win. He questions her. He scolds her. Manish approaches and asks how are you talking to Abhira, she is your bahu. Sanjay says she isn’t related to you. Manish said she is my great grandchild like Ruhi. Sanjay says great, you can’t handle old relations and developing new ones, you are wrecking our business, don’t forget Ruhi is this house’s Bahu. Manish asks are you threatening me. Everyone attempts to calm them down. Vidya maintains he didn’t intend this. Ruhi advises Manish to calm down.

Manish and Sanjay argue. Abhira exclaims stop it, I didn’t won any case and have no law degree, you have no right to get disrespectful, he was talking from my side. Ruhi adds this is his worst mistake, stop calling him Parnanu, he is my BNanu.

Precap: Abhira says I m saying thanks, you don’t tell me anything about that chit chick. Armaan saves Rohit. He asks what are you doing. Rohit says what will you do if Abhira falls in love with you. Ruhi scolds Armaan. Rohit looks on.