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The episode begins with Akshu and Abhi sleeping on the floor. He considers her. She answers Abhir’s phone call and speaks with him. He claims that he is not concerned about you. She inquires as to why. He says you’re not alone; Docman is with you. She says, “Sleep now or I’ll pull your ears,” and “don’t be happy, because it won’t happen what you want.” The phone rings. Abhi notices how cold she is. He hands up the blanket to her. She tells you to quit since you have a lot of mood swings. Don’t get furious on the blanket, he warns. She claims you ruined her mental serenity. She raises the curtain and confronts him. She says, “I’m leaving from here.” She walks away. He claims that it is raining there. Kairav prepares a bag. Muskaan inquires, “Where are you going?” Kairav scolds her and says, “I can’t stay here any longer; I’m leaving.” She says no, you’re not leaving this room. According to Abhi, it is not safe. Akshu says it’s your old problem, I’m bearing your tantrums because you don’t want to share your feelings with me or yourself, my anger isn’t futile, you want to stay as old Abhi, but I’m not old Akshu, if we keep fighting, it will affect Abhir, it’s best if we stay away, I can’t trust you. Okay, he says, I’ll handle it. She says she won’t go back with you until you confess the truth; she doesn’t want to hear “I’m sorry,” she says. He says don’t do it because it’s late at night, it’s thundering, and it’s not safe. He trips and falls on the moving cart. She dashes to him. Muskaan inquires as to what you are doing presently. Kairav responds, “I’m listening to you; I’m not going; I’m staying here; you can’t stay in this room.” He packs her luggage and hands it over to her. He closes the door. Sorry, Akshu, get up. She chastises him. Abhi looks at her and recalls a previous encounter. I adore you, Akshara, you are my first and final love, and I will always love you, he adds. She is taken aback. He continues, “This is the truth you wanted to know and I didn’t want you to say, I broke your trust once, I don’t want to break your trust again, I know you love Sharma ji and it’s my problem, everything will stay the same between us, you are right, you are new Akshu, but I’m the same Abhi.” She yells, “Stop!” A cab pulls over. He stands up and motions for her to pay attention. She gets into the cab and drives away. He believes I made a tremendous mistake since I knew she would be harmed if I told the truth. Yes, Rishta….plays….

Suwarna is blessed by Dadi. She claims you were awake all night. Suwarna expresses concern about Akshu, Kairav, and Muskaan. Manish informs me that I will meet with Agarwal. When he opens the door, he sees Akshu. Suwarna invites Akshu in. I’m fine, according to Akshu. Suwarna claims she isn’t feeling well. Akshu recalls Abhi’s remarks. Muskaan arrives for dinner. She welcomes everyone. Surekha motions for her to take a seat. Muskaan says you arrived early in the morning, and I was thinking… Suwarna asks, “What, you’ve been thinking about everyone all day?” Akshu inquires about Kairav’s whereabouts. Muskaan says he has no idea. Muskaan is stopped by Surekha.

Aarohi contacts Akshu and asks, “Did you talk to Abhi? He didn’t tell you anything important, the builder’s lawyer is coming to Birla hospital, please come quickly.” Abhir asks if I can accompany him because I need to meet Docman. Akshu says no, I’m not going, but I can participate in the meeting through video call. Abhir requests that you come. Akshu yells, “I’m not going!” Everyone is watching.

Akshu and Abhir make their way to the hospital. Abhi runs into them. Abhir converses with him. He wonders if you guys fought again. No, says Abhi. They deceive Abhir. Abhir leaves. Abhi and Akshu disagree. Akshu approaches Abhir and states, “Yes, I had head ache and neck pain.” Abhir claims that if you sit next to him in the car when he grows up, he will drive brilliantly. She hugs him and goes to get him some ice cream. She notices him leaving and calls him out. He comes across the puppet show. He suggests you tell a happy ending story. Akshu observes him and hears his words. She sobs. Manish returns home to see Abhir matching Abhi and Akshu’s photos. Abhir insists that we maintain pictures of our parents in our diaries. Manish inquires as to why you removed Docman’s photograph. Abhir says I don’t have a picture of me with Docman, so I’m clipping and pasting; I can’t ask Mumma and Docman to take a picture. Manish says he will inform them. Abhir claims that if they do not agree, we will be separated. Akshu observes.

The man assaults Abhir and Akshu. He inquires as to the whereabouts of Dr. Abhimanyu. Abhi is taken aback when he receives a message.