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The doctor begins the episode by treating Akshu. Abhi keeps praying. Akshu becomes aware. She goes to the doctor. Oh awful, the doctor says, we’re going to lose the baby. Akshu is concerned and inquires about her baby. Nothing will happen, says the doctor. Abhi asks Mahadev for help with the baby. Muskaan prays for the baby as well. Please save my baby, says Akshu. Relax, settle down, and take a deep breath, suggests the doctor. Akshu reflects on the past. She hears the heartbeat and asks, “Is my baby okay?” Take my life, Abhi, but spare the baby, Mahadev. The baby appears to be fine, according to the doctor, and his heartbeat is more or less stable. Manish and everyone enter. No one, according to Manish, can stop this baby from coming to us. My sister is strong, and my baby is stronger, says Aarohi. Muskaan is asked not to cry by Manish. Akshu inquires about Abhi. Aarohi claims to have gone somewhere. Akshu says I’d like to speak with him. She dials Abhi’s number. Pandit speculates that it could be a call from his house. He picks up the phone and introduces Abhi to Akshu. Everyone, including Akshu, notices Abhi standing on one leg and praying. Akshu converses with Abhi. He inquires about the baby’s health. Akshu nods and signs correctly. He exhales a sigh of relief. Manish and Aarohi return Akshu to his home. Akshu wonders why Suwarna, Dadi, and Kairav haven’t returned. Muskaan claims that I have sent children to play and elders to pray for you. Surekha assures you that you are secure here because of Dadi’s prayers. Aarohi requests that she relax. No, Akshu says, I want to be here. Abhi appears and addresses Akshara…. They can see Abhi approaching. Abhi joyfully embraces Akshu. Jaaniye….plays….

Aarohi says we should leave right away; Abhi will look after Akshu. According to Akshu, Manjiri did not shove me; it was an accident. Manish requests that she relax. She claims she did not push me and that I fell due to the mattress. Manish claims you’re attempting to save Manjiri. Muskaan requests that Akshu relax. Akshu leaves. Abhi believes you are fighting family for the sake of Manjiri.

Abhir and Ruhi are awaiting Abhi. Manjiri approaches them and gives them hugs. She claims she has come to meet you. He wonders why he is here and not at home. Ruhi inquires as to why you did not attend puja. Manjiri addresses them. Abhi arrives and observes them. He directs the children to the automobile. Manjiri pulls Abhi aside and apologizes. She claims I made a huge mistake. Please, Maa, says Abhi, don’t fold your hands. She responds, “Please accept my apologies; I will love that baby as much as I love Ruhi and Abhir.” He asks, “Really?” and hugs her. His fantasy comes to an end. He believes you will never accept Akshu’s child.

Manjiri sobs as she sees Abhi go. Akshu teaches the children the story. The children sleep and talk in their sleep, pleading for Abhi. Abhi, according to Akshu, did not arrive till now. Aarohi arrives and informs her of the hospital talk. Abhi is seen bickering with Mahima on Facebook. He inquires as to how you came to an agreement. Parth claims that his mother has greater experience. Abhi suggests that we utilize the money to help patients who cannot afford medical expenditures. If you want to create a VIP hospital, what about such people? Should we let them die? We can’t undertake charitable work, according to Mahima. Aarohi mentions that we have a large charitable quota. Abhi claims that you are aware that we have the best amenities. Mahima claims that we must make money in order to undertake charitable work, that this VIP hospital will open, and that my decision is definite. FB comes to an end. Aarohi reports that Abhi is in the hospital, anxious, and has sent her home. Abhi questions how you can accept this, saying, “I’m very disappointed.” Tiffin has arrived, according to Peon. Abhi says her mother may have sent it, but I don’t want it. Akshu phones Abhi and inquires about the tiffin. Abhi inquires if you sent it. He stops the peon and requests that he keep it. She claims that we decided to have one dinner together, open the tiffin, and eat it right away. Abhi expresses gratitude to her. She says don’t thank me because I didn’t create the food. He expresses gratitude for taking the time to think about me. They eat and converse. Akshu arrives at the hospital with the intention of meeting Abhi. Mahima says the board agreed to build the VIP hospital, and if you have any issues, you must resign. Akshu requests Abhi and goes to see him. Abhi says it’s fine; I won’t be working here. Parth claims I was aware of that, so I prepared your belongings. Mahima begs him to stop. She instructs Abhi to go to work and fulfill his responsibilities. Abhi says I’m just doing my job as a doctor. Don’t do this, says Mahima, unless you want to shatter all the relationships. He accepts her blessing. She says to come to her if there is a problem. He continues, “I wish mum and you realize your errors and Mahadev shows you the right path.” She wishes the same for you. He takes the package and walks away. He takes a step back when he notices Akshu. He believes I don’t want to tell you all of this because it will add to your stress.

Precap: Akshu claims Abhi is suffering due of me. She requests that the job not be given to Abhi. Manjiri weeps as she writes a letter to Abhi. Abhi inquires of Akshu, “Did you do all of this?” She inquires as to what.