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The episode opens with Ruhi requesting Rohit to go with her so she may give Abhira some bangles. It’s 12 am, he says, and it’s late; perhaps they slept. The light is on, she says. He says, “Do you understand that we have friendship, but some couples have husband-and-wife relationships?” Abhira recounts their past games together. Armaan plays with her and laughs. Hey, let’s play Zindagi Meri. She becomes joyful. They play with pillows and bubbles made with soap. They nod out on the bed. Ruhi leaves after noticing them.

When they awaken in the morning, they fight. They notice the clutter in the room. She leaves. Sorry, Aryan says, I opened your mu dikhai present. She makes a terrible statement. With a smile, she continues, “You can choose whatever you like.” It’s pricey gifts, she claims. She converses with him. When Dadi says, “You are in my house,” we think less of you. Folding his hands, Armaan gestures for Abhira to be silent.

Abhira maintains self-control. After glancing over the global map, the cousins make plans. It’s said that you must have a honeymoon. Abhira gives a nod. Krish queries Armaan. Paris, Kiara replies. Charu claims that romance is also possible in Switzerland. Time out, Rohit says; the four of us will go together. Everyone claps. When Armaan sees Ruhi, he sobs.

A call comes in for Sanjay. Sorry, Rohan says. Gadkari wants you not to take the case to court. Sanjay responds, “Tell me who asked him not to give me the case, and I will pay you money.” Manish Goenka says, Rohan says. Sanjay becomes enraged. Dadi warns that on your honeymoon, you four won’t get along. She speaks with Rohit. He pleads, “Please let us go; Armaan and I didn’t go on a double date either.” Dadi is right, Armaan replies, I can’t travel since I have court hearings coming up. Only Rohit and Ruhi, according to Dadi, will go on a honeymoon.

No, Rohit responds. You want me to become a better lawyer than Armaan, so I’m canceling my honeymoon as well. I’m sorry, and I’ll still get Dadi’s toffees. Will Ruhi feel awful, he asks? Ruhi indicates “no.” Then, he says, nobody is leaving. Dadi yells at Rohit. Armaan apologizes. You win, she continues, and the four of you will go together. Rohit gives Dadi a joyful hug. Armaan whispers to Abhira. Sanjay arrives and asks, “Are you involved? Tell me about your enmity with Manish; he wants to ruin our firm.” He is asked to cool down by Rohit.

Manish allegedly asked the client not to hand us the case, according to Sanjay. Dadi requests that everyone get ready for the celebration. Don’t worry, Rohit adds; Dadi will take care of everything. Everybody departs. Dadi promises to make everything right. I had breakfast, Abhira adds; take Armaan’s tiffin, Ruhi. She is asked to go by Vidya. We brought extra food for you, according to Manisha. Ruhi, don’t feel bad. I know you’re upset, but Sanjay gets irritated easily. Vidya adds. Grinning, Abhira thanks them.

She leaves. Rohit and Armaan are at work. There’s so much drama here, Rohit replies, why are you worried? If we go on honeymoon, everything will work itself out. “I’m worried about the clients,” says Armaan. You can never forget your love, Rohit adds. I know it’s difficult, but They saw Abhira and Ruhi carrying the tiffins. Rohit invites them to attend. Sanjay becomes irate and claims Ruhi and Abhira are to blame for both the case and the client’s loss. According to Krish, they aren’t. When he grows up, Sanjay wants him to argue, and he hits him. Krish sheds tears. Abhira requests Armaan to staple the saree for her. Armaan puts her in jest.

They argue in a charming way. They approach each other. A stapler pin, he claims, will pierce you. She smiles as she has an idea. Ruhi is blessed by Dadi. Concerning Sanjay, she asks Kajal. She says, “I’ll talk to Goenkas; they shouldn’t know about it.” About the slap mark on his face, Krish tells Aryan a falsehood. Abhira and Armaan descend the stairs. Everyone grinned. Instead of a saree, Abhira wears a dress. She goes downstairs while holding Armaan. Dadi observes.

Recap: At the gathering, both couples dance. Sanjay becomes enraged at Manisha and Abhira. He is merely my Nanu, claims Ruhi.