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The episode begins with Abhir begging Akshu to let him set his hair. Abhi, your son is turning into you, says Akshu. According to Abhi, this is just the beginning. Ruhi wonders how I got here after sleeping in my house. Abhi informs us that we must attend Satyanarayan katha. Ruhi wonders why we didn’t bring Manjiri and Shefali with us. Surekha says you’re still conversing, Akshu and Abhi, and that Dadi has prepared puja for you.

Muskaan invites the children to join her in getting ready. Everyone leaves. Abhi wonders how long we will keep this from the children. Akshu says it’s Aarohi’s decision, she’ll tell Ruhi whenever she wants, Ruhi is emotionally intelligent, and she should prepare now. She receives a phone call from Kasauli Bank. We’re going to take over your house and cars, according to the man. According to Akshu, I paid certain instalments, and you charged a high interest rate. The man claims that you signed the documents two weeks ago and that you must pay the debt or we will take your house and automobiles. Manjiri arrives. The Swastik is created by Aarohi. Ruhi arrives and trips. Swastik is pampered. Surekha believes it’s a bad sign. Manish says it’s fine. Aarohi promises she will take care of it. Manjiri instructs Akshu to take as much money as she desires. Akshu inquires if you want to purchase Abhi. Manjiri claims it is for your advantage; if you want to save Abhinav’s house and be with his child, simply return my son to me. Muskaan observes. Akshu claims that Abhi does not exist and that he is capable of completing all of Abhinav’s unfinished business. Muskaan leaves. Akshu says he will accept assistance. Manjiri asks your family how many favors you will take from them if you stay in their house, what you will do, and whether you will steal money from my son. Manish tells Abhi that ladies don’t get ready on time. Akshu receives the cheque book from Manjiri. You can’t buy Abhinav’s memories, says Akshu, so stop it right now. I don’t want anything, and I swear not to tell Abhi. She walks away. Manjiri requests that she pay attention. She claims you aren’t forgetting Abhinav and want Abhi, but you didn’t say you love Abhi, so please return my Abhi. Manjiri claims that you’re saying this to damage me, that you’re offering money, and that you’re disrespecting your kid. Everyone in the corridor notices them. They are watching the debate. Please consent to this marriage so that our family will be complete, and please accept this baby and marriage, pleads Akshu.

Manjiri requests that Akshu pay attention. Akshu trips over and collapses on the mattress. Everyone is taken aback. Akshu passes out. Abhi turns her around and examines her. He begs, “Please open your eyes and look at me.” He sobs. Manjiri is concerned. He yells at Maa to stay away… He picks up Akshu and drives her to the hospital. Manish comes to a halt in front of Manjiri. She tells me to go to Akshu. He questions why, claiming that you have already done enough. She says, “How can you think I did this?” Surekha claims that we have seen everything. Manjiri claims that I did not push Akshu. Manish begins to chastise her. Manjiri claims I pulled her hand rather than pushing her. He claims you threatened her, that you know taunts hurt more than slaps, that you have always done this, and that if anything bad happens to Akshu or her baby, you will be held accountable. Manjiri claims that I have no ill will against her. Muskaan says, “Stop it, I heard it, you were trying to exploit Akshu’s helplessness.” I offered money, I simply want my son back, Akshu wants to live with Abhinav’s memories, and I was assisting her. He claims that we do not require your assistance.

Manish declares, “I have decided today that none of my family members will ever have any relationship with you.” Akshu has been admitted to the hospital. Aarohi encourages Abhi to believe. If something happens to this baby, Abhi adds, how will I respond to Abhinav and Akshu? Aarohi says no, Akshu is strong, and so is the baby. Mahima appears and inquires about Akshu’s health; I learned this from Rohan. We’re waiting, according to Aarohi. Mahima says I need to attend a board meeting; you look after Akshu. She walks away. Mahima and Parth are seen by Aarohi. The doctor arrives. Abhi inquires about Akshu’s health. Doctor says Akshu is unconscious, that the first trimester is critical, that the baby’s status is severe, and that the chances aren’t good. Abhi departs. Parth notices Abhi standing outside. The man requests that Parth continue the presentation. Parth is concerned. Abhi continues.

Parth apologizes, saying he became distracted. Manjiri says she has bhoj for Akshu and her baby, and that we would go to the temple. Okay, says Shefali. Abhi arrives and tells them to stop. You can punish me, but first tell me about Akshu and her kid, says Manjiri. Abhi claims that the baby is not fine, that his heartbeat is faint, and that you wanted Akshu to have an abortion. Trust me when Manjiri says, “I wanted you and Akshu to have a happy family.” He claims you sold me because I’m so cheap. Manjiri sobs, saying, “I did it for your love.” Abhi claims that I believed him, but what you did to Akshu changed my mind. She claims I did not push her. He claims you’ll never meet Akshu and her child. Shefali requests that he listen to Manjiri just once. He says, “I heard it, she doesn’t want the baby to be a part of her life, fine, if anything happens to the baby, I’m not sure what I’ll do.” He walks away. Manjiri sobs. Akshu is receiving treatment. Abhi prays for her kid while standing on one foot. Muskaan says a prayer for Abhinav’s child.

Precap: Mahima argues its board decision to build a VIP hospital requires you to leave if you have a problem. Abhi departs. Akshu is concerned and hears the truth.