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At the beginning of the episode, Dadi asks Vidya to take charge of Abhira and refuses to eat. Vidya looks back to see Abhira. “Abhira,” she says. Dadi pauses and becomes irate. Abhira says, “Punish me; it’s my mistake; no one knew that I’m leaving.” Dadi says, “Good,” adding that you will be chastised and made to stand outside the boundaries you had crossed. Don’t blame yourself, adds Armaan. I’ve gotten in between you two, says Rohit. The truth is, Armaan says, it’s yours now. I’ve stepped in between the client and you, says Rohit.

Armaan says, “It’s okay, you’ll handle the case. I’m there,” grinning. I’m not getting the record, says Rohit. Let him come; I’ll talk to him, Armaan adds. I’m sorry, Rohit, but you had to leave Abhira by herself. It’s alright, says Armaan. Kiara leaves a voicemail for Rohit. They learn that Dadi has chastised Abhira. Says Armaan, “I’ll just come.” When Sanjay arrives, he adds, “The client is ready; are you guys?”

Armaan starts working. Abhira is outside. Ruhi goes to offer Abhira some water after noticing her. She requests that she eat something and drink water. No, Abhira replies, you’ll get a bad bahu tag, please leave. According to Ruhi, families cannot be run by fighting, disagreements, or water. Dadi arrives and yells, “Ruhi.” Ruhi gets a reprimand from her.

Don’t punish Abhira; she invited Ruhi here to aid her. Says Ruhi, don’t fight. Ruhi, return and stand with Abhira; Dadi adds, I should punish you both, I bless you both, you both should have such love. She leaves. She requests that Vidya restrain her bahus. Vidya will take care of Kajal’s bahus, she says. Manisha says, “But these girls won’t listen to her; Dadi is also there.” Dadi promises to keep the family united and that they will listen to us.

We have daughters, Manisha says; if they end up with such Saas then… I have a Saas that looks like a mother to Kajal. Manisha claims that they won’t return if Dadi violates Babu’s sense of self-worth. Don’t mention this, Kajal advises. Okay, but it’s true, Manisha responds. Abhira takes a sip of water. Ruhi receives some water from her. If Ruhi doesn’t like me, as Abhira believes, then why did she assist me?

Why did you get water for me, she asks. Says Ruhi, I’m not sure. They converse with one another. Abhira says we’re going to play a word association game. I’m not in the sixth standard, says Ruhi. Abhira agrees, saying that it’s preferable to eliminate mosquitoes. They engage in play. Love, says Abhira Armaan says Ruhi. Abhira queries Armaan. Ruhi notices Rohit and Armaan. Yes, Armaan and Rohit have arrived, she replies.

Even Ruhi, according to Rohit, was punished. I’ll come and chat to Dadi, Armaan adds. Let it be, Abhira says; Ruhi helped me get here; would you like to stand here as well? We need to talk to Dadi, Rohit says. They leave. Vidya puts an end to them. Manisha, Vidya, and Kajal head to Dadi to persuade. Ruhi and Abhira have grown close, according to Manisha. Don’t be too harsh, Vidya urges, because they don’t have their mother. Abhira experiences vertigo.

When Rohit and Armaan arrive, they each hold their spouses. Dil dhadakne lage aye.plays… Abhira is invited inside by Armaan. She claims Dadi will become enraged. Dadi told us to get you in, says Rohit. Abhira gets the water thanks to Armaan. Dadi observes. Vidya feeds Abhira some candies.

Manoj and Sanjay talk about their cases. Manoj makes Sanjay laugh. Manish runs into Kishan, a friend. That’s your client, Manoj says; he’s Manish’s pal. It’s okay, Sanjay says; I’ll meet them there and not bother them. Manish will let him know about us. It’s alright, Abhira adds; I can move the cylinder upstairs. Armaan puts her in jest. Her eyes darken when she speaks of Akshu. He motions for her to take a seat. She queries why. He says, “Please sit; don’t ask.” My mum is my universe, he says. He thanks her and clarifies. She says, “Thanks for coming to Mussoorie to save us, but I will never forget that my mother died saving you.”


Armaan and Abhira enter the reception party downstairs. They appear cute together, says Rohit. Dadi gives Abhira a lecture.