Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st december 2023 Episode 4271

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update only on

The episode commences with Suwarna questioning Ruhi about Armaan’s identity, specifically if he is Rohit’s brother. Ruhi, however, remains tight-lipped and does not provide any details. Suwarna, haunted by memories of Abhi and Akshu, is determined to prevent any recurrence of past mistakes. Meanwhile, Armaan resolves not to repeat his father’s errors, vowing to be a deserving son and grandson, ensuring the family never suffers because of him. Despite causing pain to Ruhi, Armaan believes Rohit will handle everything and shower Ruhi with love, making her forget him like a bad dream. Ruhi contemplates confessing her feelings to Rohit if Armaan cannot.

In another scene, Aarav embraces a picture of Abhinav, expressing his willingness to give everything to his mother. Aarav and Abhinav witness a shooting star and make wishes. The family practices dance for an upcoming event, with Rohit expressing dissatisfaction and Armaan offering excuses due to a supposed leg sprain. Despite Armaan’s reluctance, they all eventually dance together. Armaan expresses his commitment to attend Rohit’s sangeet and dance until the music stops.

Later, Akshu and Abhira are on their way when their car stops. They encounter a festive celebration in progress, only to be shocked by the presence of Yuvraj, dressed as the groom, claiming to marry Abhira. Yuvraj taunts Akshu, and tension escalates as his men surround them.

Meanwhile, Rohit’s sangeet takes place, featuring lively dance performances. Armaan, overwhelmed with emotions, leaves abruptly, prompting Ruhi to follow him. They share a moment, and Ruhi confronts Armaan about his decision to sacrifice their love for Dadi’s pride. Armaan explains his choice, citing his father’s mistakes, and urges Ruhi to marry Rohit for her happiness. Despite their mutual love, Armaan declares they can never unite.

In the precap, Armaan is shocked to find Abhira’s phone and is compelled to attend Yuvraj and Abhira’s marriage. Yuvraj shoots Akshu, leaving Abhira in distress.