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The episode begins with Abhi contacting Akshu. She answers the phone and inquires about Maa’s well-being. Yes, he says. She says you don’t need to say anything since Kanha ji heard you, Maa is fine, you stay with her and take care of her, she will be fine soon because she is Maa, she is more important than all of us and this relationship. Suwarna and Surekha come across Akshu. Manjiri walks in and overhears Abhi chatting to Akshu. Akshu adds, “I’m strong, I’ll take care of my two kids if you don’t want to marry me, I have my family, Maa only has you, you’re her world, I won’t feel bad if you choose her, don’t feel guilty.” Abhi says he’ll call you later. Manjiri smiles and thinks I knew it, Abhi won’t leave me alone. Akshu assures the infant that everything would be well; your Papa created me very strong, and I will handle both children. Surekha wonders how Akshu will bear this grief. Abhi requests that Manjiri rest. Manjiri assures me that I am alright. She requests that Aarohi send a driver to Manish’s residence to get Abhi’s belongings. She says I’ll prepare the dish and serve it to Abhi. She invites Abhi to join her. She says that now that you’ve returned to me, I’ll pluck your ear and feed you the food.

Abhi claims I didn’t return. She wonders why, and Akshu responds, “You can stay with me.” She understands, she can’t take a son away from his mother. He claims she told him that if she is thinking about you, why can’t someone look after her? Manjiri claims that her family is with her. He says it’s my decision to marry Akshu, and I’ll keep all of my responsibilities, therefore I’m getting married. He asks Aarohi to look after Maa. He walks away. Manjiri is taken aback. Akshu walks over to close the door. Abhi arrives. She inquires if you have any food. He gives a nod. She drags him to the dining room and forces him to sit. She gives him his supper. He breaks down and hugs her. She responds, “I understand; it will be difficult for you to leave Maa and come here; we can postpone the wedding; we will persuade Maa.” He says, “I hate it when I see questions in your eyes, we’re getting married in two days, is there any more questions, I asked you to eat three hours ago, sit down.” He feeds the meal to her. Manjiri hurls objects in rage. She says, “Give me my son, I want my Abhi back.” Shefali comes to a halt. Manjiri screams and cries. Manjiri is stopped by Aarohi.

She asks, “Will you call this your Tapasya, I’ll break it, you’re wrong?” Manjiri inquires, “What do you mean?” I adore my son and grandchildren. Aarohi says you think you can control their life since you tried to remove Abhir from Akshu, but you can’t. Manjiri claims Akshu is acting similarly. She adds Abhi should be happy with his son since you want him to raise Abhinav’s child for the rest of his life. Aarohi inquires whether you felt the same way after bringing Neil home. Manjiri wonders how you can think thus. Aarohi questions how you can think so, you gave Neil a place in your heart, Abhi will do the same, you loved Neil a lot, you didn’t want to see Akshu’s face, you didn’t let me leave home during my pregnancy, your love for Neil was true, why are you judging someone else’s love? Manjiri claims you will not ask this question if you are in my position. Aarohi claims you are powerful; how did you become so weak? I understand you well; you attempted to brainwash Abhir and then took him to the temple. Manjiri claims he desired to serve there. Aarohi claims you pushed him hard and he ended up in the hospital; I’m very ashamed you attempted suicide. Shefali begs her to quit. Aarohi claims she did it to grab Abhi’s attention, but I’m delighted Abhi made the correct decision. No one will be happy if this marriage takes place, according to Manjiri, and it is a bad decision for Abhi. Aarohi apologizes, Ruhi will not grow in this setting, and Ruhi and I am leaving this house. Abhi says I’ll share the pictures of the house. Akshu instructs him to contact Aarohi and inquire about Maa. He phones and reports that Aarohi is not answering. Surekha tells Akshu not to be concerned. Aarohi visits Ruhi. Shefali arrives to intervene. Aarohi explains her position. Shefali asks, “What will you say if Ruhi asks you why?” Aarohi claims Abhi will explain everything to her. She sobs and takes Neil’s picture from the wall. Manjiri appears and takes the photograph.

She claims that my son and granddaughter will not leave the house. Aarohi claims that no one can prohibit her from photographing her spouse and daughter. She chooses Ruhi. She requests that she obtain the results of her Tapasya. She claims that because you lost your son, bahu, and granddaughter all in one day, everyone will abandon you and go. Manjiri sobs. Shefali requests that she stop Aarohi.

Shefali receives a phone call from Abhi. She claims that Aarohi and Ruhi had left the house. Abhi is taken aback. Akshu suggests that we go grab Aarohi and Ruhi. Yes, he says. Ruhi is brought home by Aarohi. Ruhi is taken by Abhi. Aarohi embraces Akshu. She asks Manish if Ruhi and I may stay here indefinitely. You don’t need anyone’s permission, according to Manish. Abhi and Akshu apologize. Trust me when Aarohi says you’re not a reason.

It’s late at night, and Aarohi has fallen asleep. Akshu, she claims you kicked me down. Akshu apologizes and suggests that they go to bed. No, replies Aarohi, I’m not going to sleep. Akshu apologizes and promises not to hit you again. Aarohi replies, “I’m waiting for Abhi and your marriage, then I’ll have this bed and room all to myself.” They are having a pillow fight. They both laugh. Ruhi is with Abhi. He apologizes, saying that this is all my fault. Ruhi says, “I love you, Poppy; I told everyone you wouldn’t leave me.” Yes, he replies, and don’t ever leave me. She gives a nod.

Manjiri says, “I want my son back, Akshu.” Please accept to this marriage, urges Akshu. She walks away. Listen to what Manjiri has to say. She is holding Akshu. Akshu collapses and passes out. Everyone is taken aback.