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Abhira rushes to help Surekha at the start of the episode. Armaan tells Rohit that even if Dadi scolds or hits him, he will not argue. Rohit claims it is my right to stand up for your dignity. They embrace. Keep smiling, this is my award, don’t worry, I’m with you, and I’ll leave now, adds Rohit. Armaan inquires as to what you are concealing. Rohit says nothing; I’m pretty busy. Armaan adds, “I know you use such excuses to hide your problems; tell me.” Rohit says, “Ruhi isn’t happy, she’s lonely, and I’m at a loss for what to do.

” Try to keep her happy, urges Armaan. Rohit says to you, “Take care of Abhira, she’s unhappy.” Abhira is unable to sleep. She borrows Abhir’s blanket. She is sleeping. Armaan obtains Abhira’s cellphone. He claims I should have given her her phone; I’m not sure if she had food or not. He notices the plastic tortoise.

Manish tries to light the stove in the morning. Abhira lights the stove and says, “You helped me in our first meeting; we should settle things soon, or else it will be left incomplete; thank you for these clothes.” Manish thanks Armaan for the clothes and asks whether you’re hungry. She gives a nod. He smiles as he hands her the kachori. She envisions mumma’s kachori. She eats it and believes it tastes the same. Manish says we can sit and eat, and Armaan is on his way. She sneezes. He requests water from her. Ruhi and Surekha are watching.

Surekha confronts Manish. Ruhi claims that I am unable to share you with anyone. He says, “You know I love you a lot, and I’m showing Abhira some love.” She says no, my family took everything from me, Abhira is a stranger, how can I think she won’t take you away from me? Abhira screams as she watches. Stop, says Manish. Ruhi responds, “No, I’m so hurt.” Abhira bursts into tears. Ruhi inquires whether you will chose Akshu or me. He claims that he will always chose you. Manish receives a letter from Abhira.

She walks away. Manish receives her letter. He runs over to investigate. Abhira walks along the street, right in front of Armaan’s automobile. Armaan inquires, “What are you doing here?” “What’s wrong, I was coming to take you, you don’t have a phone or money,” Armaan says.

Dadi is getting ready. She recalls Abhira’s remarks and shatters the necklace angrily. She believes my family is fragile. Abhira adds, “My mother was my home.” I have no home, I’m alone, and I don’t know where I’m going. She trips and falls into his arms. Bin mujhe mera naam…sings… She claims that Manish isn’t her family and that you should have brought me along. Yes, you are my responsibility, he replies, sorry. He is holding his ears. He summons a chaat vendor. She asks whether you want chaat right now.

No, he replies, I’d like you to eat chaat. She politely declines. He cracks a joke. She says such amusing things. He compares life to chaat. She claims it is spicy for orphans and causes one to cry. They go out for chaat. He asks if you may eat the red chili. She tells me not to challenge her. The man believes you should compete. They both agree and begin eating the panipuri. Armaan and Abhira are laughing. He makes the payment. The man encourages them to be joyful. Abhira inquires if you have feelings for someone.

Armaan coughs and gulps water. She interprets it like you do. He inquires as to what you are saying. I don’t know anything about you, but she says you had someone in your life. He says, “I don’t know anything about you,” and asks if you have a significant other. She answers yes, we were in college and then he departed for higher studies abroad, I liked him, my heart didn’t break, I can see you’re upset. Dadi tells Vidya to stop. Vidya adds, “Give me a chance, I’m trying to handle things.” Dadi believes you become a nice bahu and mother, but not a good Saas. Armaan and Abhira have returned home. He receives Rohit’s call and responds, “I will come.” He says I have to go, it’s an emergency; please go to my room and stay there till I return. She replies, “Fine.” He walks away.


Dadi punishes Abhira and orders her to remain outside the door. Ruhi hands her a glass of water. Dadis yells at Ruhi and orders her to stand outside. Abhira and Ruhi play a game. Rohit and Armaan are watching.