Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2023 Episode 4198

Episode 4198

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The episode begins with Akshu hugging Abhir and apologizing for scolding him and not coming to school. She expresses her desire to preserve her late husband’s memories rather than move on and remarry. Meanwhile, Abhi thinks about Abhir and the situation. Akshu mentions that she knows her father wanted this for her, but she wishes to live with his memories instead. Abhi listens and ponders whether to discuss the matter with Akshu.

During this time, he receives a call from Akshu and wonders if he should ask her for help. However, Abhir interrupts their conversation by asking for assistance with a problem. Abhi asks him to wait and later discusses the issue with Mahima, who is concerned about losing investors. Abhi acknowledges that they need help at the last moment but is uncertain about who to contact. When Akshu calls him, he finally decides to ask her for assistance.

Abhir tells Akshu about a problem at the hospital and informs her that they need a lawyer’s help. Initially, Akshu doubts his story, but he insists that it’s true and urges her to help. She hesitates but eventually agrees to go to the hospital to assist. At the hospital, she meets the concerned person who needs legal help, and Abhi also arrives there. They discuss the case, and Akshu offers to help.

In the meantime, Parth and Gulati discuss their financial arrangement privately, planning to manipulate the tender process for their advantage. Mahima overhears a part of their conversation but doesn’t uncover their deceit.

Later, Abhi and Akshu have a heart-to-heart conversation in the office. He reminisces about their past, and there’s a moment of shared emotions. However, their interaction is interrupted by Aarohi, who informs them about the need to prepare for an investor meeting. Abhi offers Akshu his coat when he notices her kurta is torn, and they attend the meeting together. The investors show interest in investing in Birla Hospital, which lightens the atmosphere.

After the successful meeting, Abhi and Akshu celebrate their victory by dancing together. Abhi thanks Akshu for her help, and they share a warm moment. Akshu then leaves, and Abhi reflects on the day.

At home, Abhi thinks about Akshu while building a house model. Shefali questions him about his feelings for Akshu, and he denies having any such emotions. Akshu, on the other hand, wonders if Abhir’s closeness to Docman is bothering Abhi.

In the precap, Shefali advises Abhi that it’s not wrong to have feelings for someone and suggests that he should talk to Akshu about it. Akshu, with Abhir by her side, asks Abhi if he has feelings for her.

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