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The episode begins with Akshu holding Abhi’s luggage. She cracks a joke. He informs me that I will be staying at the hotel. She wonders why you can’t just stay here. He compares me to Ghar Jamai before marriage. She pats him on the back and asks him to let go of his old thoughts. He claims that he enjoys traditional thinking. She claims that I drink kada every morning. He claims that Gharelu’s doctor has returned. They argue and stare at one other, remembering the past. He requests that she not become awkward. He says I can stay here, but it can’t be a long-term solution; I’ll speak with the broker; where do you want to live, Kasauli? It’ll be nice for Abhir and the new baby. She inquires as to how you intend to depart from Manjiri. He says I’ll keep coming back. She claims you are unable to leave your city for my reason. He claims I’m doing it for myself. She says we’ll talk about it later, but you unpack first. He yells, Maa, my charger… Akshu turns to face him. Parth is on the phone with Mahima. He insists on meeting with her and talking. Shefali begs Manjiri to sleep for an hour in the morning. Manjiri claims that my son would come to me on his own because he is stubborn. Akshu appears and tells that only you can shatter his adamancy. Aarohi reports Manjiri’s blood pressure is high; I’ll talk to her later. Let me talk to her, says Akshu. Manjiri claims that his kid left him and went to you, and that he is willing to perform whatever Tapasya for him. Akshu adds, “I know a mother wants her son’s happiness; I want the happiness of both my children, my baby and Abhir; please put me in your lap, if not as a blessing, then as charity; Abhi wants to start a family with us; please agree.” Manjiri believes you are mistaken, Akshu.

She adds that my Abhi’s happiness is with your child, that I don’t know what greatness you studied, that I want to teach my son about worldly problems, that my Abhi will come back home, that he will come to me, that he will leave your baby and come to his mother, that he can’t stay without his mother. She walks away. Aarohi asks Akshu if she became enraged enough to beg for her children’s happiness. She says, “We’re all behind you, Abhi is behind you, don’t beg, be strong.” Akshu claims that I’m attempting to persuade Manjiri for Abhi’s sake. Aarohi says you don’t need to do anything, don’t show Abhi is weak, that he has no right to decide, that he has a right, that he is capable, and that we are all behind you.

When Abhi meets Parth in the hospital, he asks if he should ask the guards to make him leave. Parth claims that someone summoned me here. Abhi inquires. Mahima arrives and praises Abhi for calling him. She invites Parth to accompany him. Manjiri notices Abhi and her shattered picture frame. Suwarna says you’ve tried everything, so think about your children now. Muskaan claims that she is correct; my mood is also nice; learn to be joyful from me. Suwarna inquires. Muskaan claims that the marriage register application has arrived. Suwarna instructs Akshu to simply fill out the paperwork.

Akshu claims I don’t have a photograph of Abhi. She recalls Manjiri. Manjiri is sobbing. Akshu receives a phone call. She is taken aback. Suwarna inquires as to what transpired. Akshu takes off running. Aarohi attends to Manjiri’s wound. Servants take the glass fragment. Akshu, Suwarna, and Muskaan arrive. They notice Manjiri. Suwarna inquires whether Manjiri sliced her wrist for Abhi’s sake. Akshu inquires whether Abhi is aware. Shefali responds, “No, we didn’t have the courage,” but someone has to tell him.

Abhi says I’ll show Akshu the house photos once. Akshu appears. He says I can’t live without mum, so I looked for houses in Udaipur; Manjiri’s rage will subside once she sees the kid; and I’ll sign a one-year lease. Maa has attempted suicide, she says. He is taken aback. He tells her she can’t do it. We’ll go home, she says. No, he says, I’ll go. He bolts. She says a prayer. He returns home and runs into Manjiri. He sobs and inquires about Manjiri’s condition with Aarohi. She claims that everything is OK because I gave her an injection. Suwarna suggests that we depart right now. They all leave.

Surekha claims that Abhi will not return home tonight and will instead stay with Manjiri. Manish instructs her to think and speak. She adds I’m wondering if he’ll return home or not. Akshu wishes Maa a speedy recovery. She makes a prayer to Kanha ji. Manjiri awakens and says, “Abhi…” She notices Abhi. He inquires whether you are feeling well presently. She stands up and grabs him. He receives Akshu’s call.

Akshu inquires as to whether Manjiri become conscious. He responds, “Yes, she is stable, and I will speak with you later.” She hangs up the phone. She claims Abhi is OK; he told us not to wait for him and that we could eat dinner instead. Surekha inquires if he will return. Akshu advises him not to come. Surekha claims he won’t come today since she doesn’t know if he will appear in court for marriage. Akshu claims that if Abhi comes here without his mother, you would not respect him. Surekha questions whether Manjiri is fulfilling her motherly duties by going to any length for her son. Manish believes you mean… She claims she did this on purpose in order for Abhi to return to her forever. No, Akshu responds, she was stressed and knows that suicide is not a solution to any problem. Surekha claims she has a solution, that she has Abhi with her, and that you are alone. Manjiri is fed soup by Abhi. He administers medications to her. Manjiri beams. Aarohi observes and departs. Manjiri is put to sleep by Abhi. Akshu abandons her dinner.

Manjiri says, “I want my son back, Akshu.” Please accept to this marriage, urges Akshu. She walks away. Listen to what Manjiri has to say. She is holding Akshu. Akshu collapses and passes out. Everyone is taken aback.