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The Episode starts with Rohit hugging Manish. Ruhi claims that I cannot share his affection with anyone. Abhira enters the residence. O ri Chiraiyya… performs… Abhira recognizes Ruhi and Manish. She believes I should not bother them because they are family and I am alone. She turns to go. Flowers flutter over her. Manish notices the windchimes in motion. He walks up to the door and notices Abhira. Everyone notices Abhira. Rohit asks, “What are you doing here?” Abhira says nothing, I was just wandering and got lost. Ruhi stops her and invites her inside. No, says Abhira, mumma is waiting for me. She bursts into tears. Manish accepts her. Suwarna and Manish perform aarti for her and welcome her home. Armaan will arrive shortly. He overhears the men discussing a girl and approaches them. The man claims she went to the house. Armaan thanks them and rushes to the Goenka residence. Manish says it’s your place, and you can visit whenever you want. After all, your pagphere plans were made ahead of time, and you arrived here. Suwarna claims Armaan was cheating on you, that he met this girl at the resort, and that you should forget about him. Ruhi claims that Armaan told Abhira’s mother that he would protect Abhira, that this marriage is really a compromise, and that he will never love Abhira. Armaan arrives and chastises Abhira. He says that if something happened to you, what would I say to Aksh…. He notices Ruhi and says, “Ruhi…” Rohit says, “I’m also here,” and “welcome to my Sasural.” Armaan greets everyone, including Manish. Armaan claims that I came here to find Abhira. Manish believes Armaan has found his genuine love and life partner in Abhira. Yes, says Rohit, this is called love. Manish says we’ll prepare your pagphere rasam. Armaan and Abhira express their gratitude, but… Please agree, says Rohit. Manish says you’ll make the rasam and then leave. At home, everyone is concerned about Abhira. Dadi arrives and questions Manisha about it. Manisha reports that Abhira has left the house. Manish accompany Abhira to Akshu’s room. He claims it was my daughter’s room, and it was.

Abhira claims you miss him terribly. Ask him if you need anything. He leaves. She tears up and takes Akshu’s guitar. She notices Akshu’s music. Manish also comes to a halt. Manish and Abhira visualize Akshu doing the aarti. They are sobbing. Manish asks why I’m thinking of Akshara when I’m not changing my mind. Suwarna claims Armaan was concerned about Abhira, that he has affections for her, that she is his wife, and that you are Rohit’s wife. Ruhi claims Abhira kidnapped Armaan; would she kidnap Manish as well? Suwarna declines. Ruhi is concerned. Dadi claims Abhira arrived at Rohit’s Sasural. Armaan says she’ll accompany me, but Manish… Dadi chastises him. Manish and Abhira have a different bond, according to Rohit. Dadi says it’s about relationships, and relationships are delicate; handle her, Armaan; you know me and my rage well. Abhira goes into Akshu’s cabinet.

Armaan invites Abhira to his home. Abhira declines. She staggers. She collapses into his arms. Dadi becomes enraged and destroys a necklace. Abhira asks if you love someone, and your face reveals that you have. Armaan is concerned.