Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2023 Episode 4197

Episode 4197

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The episode begins with Abhi and Akshu discussing the gifts and the letter. Akshu realizes that Abhir is behind it all and regrets not recognizing his handwriting earlier. Abhi agrees, stating that they are in this situation because of Abhir’s actions. The constable takes Abhi’s phone and asks for his name and address.

Meanwhile, Anand waits for Abhi. An investor becomes impatient and questions whether the hospital’s managing director will arrive for the meeting. Aarohi calls Abhi, and Mahima expresses her frustration, emphasizing the importance of the meeting. Parth becomes angry.

Manish calls the hotel to inquire if Abhi and Akshu have arrived. The hotel staff informs him that they haven’t. Abhir apologizes for the mistake he made while booking a table at the hotel, accidentally choosing a park instead of a port. Akshu becomes angry, and Manish decides not to call them.

An inspector arrives at the park, and Akshu and Abhi try to explain that they were not doing anything wrong. However, the inspector accuses them of being a couple secretly meeting in the park. They deny being a couple, but the inspector insists that they are.

Back home, Manish shares his plan with Akshu and expresses his regret for not stopping Abhir. Akshu reassures him and asks if he has a problem with her presence. She tells him not to seek happiness in the wrong places and that she doesn’t want any changes in her life.

Abhi, Akshu, and Manish argue about the situation. Akshu becomes upset with Abhir for his actions. Manish apologizes and expresses his desire to see her happy. Akshu tells him not to apologize and requests that he not seek happiness in the wrong places.

The next morning, Abhir tells Akshu that she should drop him off at school, but Akshu refuses, saying that it’s his punishment. Manish and Abhi arrive, and Manish apologizes again. Akshu tells him that it’s not just his fault, as Abhir would have done it even if he had refused.

At school, Abhi speaks about his profession to the students. Abhir feels guilty and recalls Akshu’s words. When the teacher asks about Akshu’s absence, Abhi apologizes, and the meeting ends. Abhi tries to console Abhir, telling him that Akshu’s anger won’t last forever. Abhir expresses his frustration and draws a picture on the board to illustrate his feelings about their family. He asks if he can ever have a normal family like his friends. Abhi reassures him, but Abhir remains upset and runs out.

In the precap, Abhimanyu asks Akshara to wear his coat because her kurta is torn, and investors are about to arrive for a meeting. Akshara initially refuses but eventually agrees.

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